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    Aurora kept an eye on the Ghasts as well as the three males. Won't do to have something happen to them she thought her grip tight on her blade. Suddenly though she heard Daniel's voice. "They are weak to Water, Ice, Fire, Wind, and Lightning! Be careful of their fire attacks!" looking out of the corner of her eyes she saw him charge striking one with his gunblade kicking it to the ground before hitting it with six shots and two energy balls.

    Taking a breath Aurora ran forward at one of the Ghasts she watched as her blade was surrounded by flames. awesome she thought with a smirk slashing at her chosen target. The Ghast fell but stood back up slashing at her with it's larger left hand. It missed though since Aurora leapt backwards doing a backflip as she dodged landing to her luck back to back with Daniel. "these new powers are interesting" she said not even looking back at him. She kept her eyes on the enemies, only glancing quickly at Jericho and Ezra to see if they were ok.

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