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Originally Posted by Moriarteh. View Post
While I was at work, it came to my attention that a student had complained to his father about me. The basic complaint was that I wasn't doing my job properly, which led to the dad questioning why a female was working as a martial arts instructor.

It was pretty darn hard to stop myself from punching him, but I did have a go at him xD
Should have karate chopped his face, anyway.

Standing up for myself? It's been quite some time since I've had to (guess I've had it easy) but the last time I remember was when me and a whole bunch of other friends were playing soccer and the ball got loose and a fairly ghetto looking group of kids picked it up. My friends were too afraid of confronting them, but I wasn't gonna let them just take it, so I went up to them and asked for the ball back. I didn't show my temper, though (I hate groups that boss people around), but I was tensing up for a fight. Not much happened though, the most was a little bit of mockery which I didn't let phase me. One of them dared me to kiss a member of their group so I could get the ball back (an ugly fiend, I am sorry HAH). I was really tempted to say some mean ****, but I realized 7 against 1 wouldn't work in my favor. So I made a joke out of it "Nah chill... she's too good for me". I guess it was my guts to stand up along with that joke that made them give the ball back. They did say afterwards "You were pretty damn gutsy, good ****".

Oh, I remember another time! A bit more serious, since police ended up being involved. Though this was more my fault, I'll admit. Long story short, the soccer ball I kicked flew out of the part, bounced on the pavement, then slammed into a car. Didn't break anything, but the witch inside flipped out. I went over to her, tried to calm her down, but she look at me and said she was gonna call the cops. I was trying to get her to chill out and pointed out that there weren't any damages. She was still gonna call them anyway, and she did. So I stood there, wondering "The **** just happened". I was pretty scared, I'll admit. The cops couldn't do much aside from possibly confiscating the ball, but that didn't cross my mind at the moment. The cops came, and it was a small court room case. At that point, though, my friends flocked behind me and defended me, and in the end, the cops let it go. I, er, did flip the lady off when she wasn't looking.

The last time I actually had to fight was a long long time ago.
he did it, not me.
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