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I know I posted not long ago a team but the competitive batteling
had really impressed me and I began to like it.
But I'm not really good at making a team and I'm not sure that this
is a good team or not. That's why I need your help.Please rate my team.

Raikou(@)Life Orb
4 Hp/252 Satk/252 Spd
Rash nature (+Satk/-Sdef)
-Rain Dance
-Weather Ball
-Aura Sphere

Ludicolo(@)Life Orb
252 Satk/80 Hp/188 Spd
Traitwift Swim
Modest nature (+Satk/-Atk)
-Rain Dance
-Ice Beam
-Giga Drain

Kingdra(@)White Herb
92 Atk/252 Satk/164 Spd
Traitwift Swim
Mild nature (+Satk/-Def)
-Draco Meteor
-Hydro Pump
-Hidden Power(Fire)

252 Hp/224 Sdef/32 Spd
Traiterene Grace
Careful nature (Sdef/-Satk
-Rain Dance
-Stealth Rock
-Water Pulse

252 Hp/108 Def/144 Sdef
Calm nature (+Sdef/-Atk)
-Acid Armor
-Baton Pass

Celebi(@)Life Orb
232 Hp/240 Satk/36 Spd
Trait:Natural Cure
Modest nature (+Satk/-Atk)
-Leaf Storm
-Earth Power
-Thunder Wave
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