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I am writing a fic on PE2K called "The Rocket Wars", and when I am done with that, I will write the sequel, which will be heavily inspired by the movie "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride" (which is basically a similar plot to Romeo and Juliet, minus the suicidal lovers).
How so?
After the two protagonists Eric Damon and Peggy Owen get married, they have a daughter named Ruki who grows up to be an exact mix of both of her parents, and she falls in love with Henry, Giovanni's (ADOPTED) son, and Giovanni's wife, Nadya, wants to avenge him using this child to kill his love's parents. This plan fails, the adopted son is disowned,after killing his brother Seth, goes off to ask Eric for forgiveness, but at first, he also says no because he does not trust Henry. The lovers run off together A final battle between the remnants of Team Rocket led by Nadya versus Eric and Peggy's followers, is about to start, but Ruki and Henry stop it, Nadya commits suicide, and Team Rocket disbands once again. Arceus requests that Eric allows Ruki to marry Henry, and Eric finally gives Henry his forgiveness. And that is where it will end.

What is the most inspired fanfiction you have written?
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