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    > First off, Orthodox just got cut by an Eldritch Pokémon. Odds are that he'll get infected with whatever it is that they've got. It's best to sterilize the wound or get competent medical treatment for it. Either way, something urgently needs to be done.

    The Narrator never lies. The Narrator only omits.

    Although in this case, I didn't omit anything. Besides, the Eldritch Pokémon haven't 'got' anything – and you've been wounded many times before by Eldritch Pokémon without effect. It's only really a problem when it's inflicted by a Pokémon like Corsola that can, er, spread.

    The Narrator would also like to add that he finds your suggestion of 'competent medical treatment' hilarious. Need you be reminded of the whole apocalypse thing?

    > Finding an Antidote for Elm MAY help stave off the infection. No idea if it will, but trying rarely hurts as much these days as it used to.

    There are no Antidotes, only figs.

    Othodox found some Figs! Othodox put the Figs in the Pouch.

    OK, so it's pretty poor loot, but hey! Free figs.

    > Read the Grimoire

    It's not exactly bedtime reading material.


    You put it down before you give yourself nightmares. Well. Worse nightmares.

    > There probably needs to be a way to repel that Quilava, and it seems to be very fond of burning stuff. Perhaps an attempt to satisfy Vesta's bottomless hunger can help with getting rid of things the Quilava can burn first. Not only that, it'll restore Vesta's health, which seems to need patching up.
    > The only problem with the "burn burnable substances" idea is that the current shelter is most likely a burnable substance. If you do go along with it, loot the hut and move to one of the entrances to the ruins.

    There isn't anything left to loot here. Vesta's hunger can never truly be sated, but the edge has been taken off it with the snack she just had, and her health hasn't risen from 194, so you think it's probably full.

    As for getting rid of stuff that can burn – look, you managed to set fire to ceramic using Vesta before, and she doesn't have even a fraction of the power that the Quilava has. To get rid of everything flammable in the entire area (which is by no means small) would be borderline impossible. When the Quilava comes, as it must, you will have to trust to the voices in your head to keep you alive.

    That, and narrative imperative, because for God's sake, you can't die this close to the epic climax or I'll have to start again.

    > Tell the narrator to work on pokemon keratin

    You appear to be confusing the Narrator with the author. Do not make this mistake. The author writes from the Narrator's point of view, but they aren't the same person.

    It's worth bearing that in mind. It helps prevent well-meaning but misguided people from attacking authors for the opinions expressed in their books.

    > Try to tune your PokéGear into a radio station. Any radio station. If the Unown have a message for you (which, long shot, but maybe), you might be able to hear it in the relative safety of the house, and then you wouldn't have to venture into the unknown. *ba-doom-tish*

    “ back in the Noughties,” you hear, and start – you know that voice. Everyone does.

    “Who's that?” asks Vesta.

    OK, so everyone who was alive before the Dreaming, anyway.

    “It's Professor Oak,” replies Elm. He looks like he's seen a ghost; in a way, he has. You are hearing a dead man's words, pre-recorded for his weekly show long, long ago.

    “Exceptionally odd,” Oak goes on. “They don't appear to always be part of this world – when they want to, they melt through layers of reality and leave the perceptible universe entirely.”

    “I see,” says Mary – another radio ghost, broadcasting forever in the unknown. “So do we know where the Unown go, Professor?”

    “Well, that's why I brought up that case from 2001,” Oak says. “A researcher was actually capable of penetrating that world, you know, and—”

    There's a faint squawk, and the signal dies; far away in Goldenrod, something has just discovered that the broadcasting equipment is not edible.

    You all exchange glances. A broadcast about Unown in a dead man's voice? Can that be a coincidence?

    “WHAT IS GOING ON?” asks Jasmine quietly, but no one can answer.

    No one except you, that is.

    The infection spreads. Elm is Pained.

    > Ummm do we still hace TM focus puch? Maybe we could teach Vesta? Anywho, enter the ruins.

    Vesta and Focus Punch are not compatible.

    Ah, well. Somehow, you didn't think so.

    WARNING: There is no turning back once you enter the ruins. Are you sure you want to proceed?

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