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    Samantha Felicity Cooper

    Sammy gratefully took the Full Heal from Snype, rolling back around so she could sit and systematically spray every part of her body. While she did so she worked jer lips, jaw and tongue, not really wanting to spray the medecine into her mouth.

    "They've got Cubone and Ponyta too," she grunted. "But my belt has a tracker in it. We can figure out where they've gone and chase after them. You've still got Snype, I've got Corphish and Shuppet. They won't catch us by suprise this time."

    Rooting around in her bag Sammy pulled out what looked like a calculator with a very large screen, but when she activated it a GPS map of the island was displayed, with a stationary green blip and a slowly moving red blip.

    "We're the green. They're the red. So long as we follow it we should be able to find them." Heaving herself to her feet Sammy took a deep breath, trying to keep her emotions under control. This was turning into a seriously crappy day. She'd just had to go asking about Team Rocket, didn't she?

    "We'd better hurry. You should phone for help on the way, in case there's more of them. We can heal up Snype and Corphish as we go, but I think Shuppet is still okay."
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