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Name: Corporal Alex Brody

AKA: (Usually called by his last name)

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: Alex stands at around 6 foot 2 inches tall and weighs about 182 pounds. Training in the SRCA has rendered him with quite a muscular build and with great fitness. His short red hair usually can be seen pushed to the side but more than often it sits beneath a peaked hat that Alex can be seen wearing. As for his facial features he has green eyes, pale skin and a tightly shaved stubble. When he’s off duty his usual choice of attire consists of a grey t-shirt, combat trousers and a pair of sneakers. However when he’s out in the field, special SRCA grade combat trousers, boots and jacket covered by a thick layer of black coloured SRCA body armour. The body armour of Alex and all other soldiers out in the field.

Personality: Alex is rough and tough. Orders are orders and Alex won’t hesitate to carry out whatever needs to be done to help rid the city of the contractors and the moratoria. However in saying that, he never forgets his friends or comrades, no man gets left behind no matter the cost of retrieval. He is confident in his ability’s, perhaps too confident some times, but he does know his limits. He knows when to back off and when enough is enough. When off duty Alex enjoys having a laugh, resting, playing a card game or two, generally just taking it easy. But when in the field, he is serious, aware and always switched on.

Weapons/Tools: As far as weaponry goes there is a mix of weaponry available to the soldiers in the SRCA. Alex prefers to roll with the Heckler & Koch HK416, a Beretta 92FS, grenades and a knife for when it’s needed. The tools Alex use include, night/heat vision goggles, rope, wrist restrains, and a GPS.

Picture: Assault Rifle
Picture: Pistol

RP Sample Or Brief History: Alex was born into a family of four. There was his mum, dad, little brother and of course himself. They lived a normal life in a middle class suburban house, but the only thing that wasn’t ‘normal’ was the fact that Alex’s father was a solider in the SRCA, of course completely unknown to Alex. Because of this he was away most of the time and never had proper time to bond with Alex. Of course his father would come home every now and again but never stayed longer than a day or two, always using the excuse ‘daddy has an important job to do’. As the years rolled by and Alex grew, not only did he grow physically but also mentally. Not long after he had turned 16, his dad used the same old ‘daddy has an important job to do’ excuse, Alex decided enough was enough. He ventured into his parents room while they were out and decided to look through his dad’s locker. It was then he found some letters and documents from the SRCA. A quick scan of the letters and documents revealed a ‘Sgt. James Brody’. At this stage it didn’t take a genius to work out what Alex’s father was. He quickly placed everything back in the drawer and never spoke of it again.

3 years rolled by and Alex was now 19, a well flourished grown boy. It was just another regular day as far as Alex was concerned sitting around the house by himself as his mother and brother were out. Suddenly someone started knocking on the door, he opened it to find some military personnel standing in the doorway, they handed a letter over to Alex. Upon opening it, his world fell down around him. "Sgt. James Brody, KIA.” Alex couldn’t take his eyes of the word ‘KIA’. He felt sick to his stomach. It was then the man in the doorway handed him another letter, one from your dad he stated. The letter was addressed to Alex, his father wrote it in case such an event did occur. It said to take his mother and brother and get out of San Francisco. He scrunched the letter up in his hands and demanded that he be allowed join the SRCA. He arranged for his mother and little brother to be taken away from San Francisco. He already lost someone dear to his heart and he wasn’t going to let it happen again. With his mother and brother safely out of harm’s way, Alex joined the SRCA and for a full year slaved and laboured hard to become the man he is today. Life in the field was a lot tougher than he imagined but of course like most soldiers, he learned to block out the negative thoughts and focus on the mission. It’s a life or death situation when dealing with contractors and moratoria and it’s one he doesn’t intend to lose.
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