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Haha, this boomed up when I wasn't able to really post!

EGKangaroo: Reserved! I see you're here on the thread, so just keep writin'! And yep, I kept the plot basic and vague so all my plot twists are... twisty.

YellowGardevoir: Pending! That special secret rule? Broken! It's "If I recognise your image, then I won't accept it". And that right there is Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces. Don't worry, I don't mind characters being based off characters (Amber's based off a moderately obscure character herself!) but using images is just a bit too far for me. Also, on my monitor, the Personality section is a liiiittle short. Fix that up, mess around with her appearance so she's not quite as Cheria-ish, and you'll be good.

jov0006: Reserved!

JNathan: Reserved!

Lord Sephear: Accepted! Though I'd like to to keep an eye on your grammar, you have a few awkward and run-on-ish sentences, and a few little capitalisation flubs.
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