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    Can i reserve for the KIND keyword? I want to join a cool pokemon RP and this one fits the bill.

    Keyword: (choose what keyword your character is based around) Kind
    Name: Lucas "Luke" Brandon
    Gender: Male
    Age: (13-17. You'll get a special leave from school through Bill's authority, in case you weren't in the middle of your three month leave already) 13

    Body: (body build, hairstyle, eye color, skin tone etc.)

    Luke is neither tall nor short, and while he is pretty strong, he weighs the normal amount for someone his age. He has light skin, tanned from working in the sun at his mother's day care center. He has sandy blonde hair, which falls in an untidy mess to his shoulders, though he does his best to keep it combed, and he has bright blue eyes that are filled with wonder. He has a general air of someone that likes to be helpful, and is very confident in their abilities. He is poised and somewhat graceful in his measured movements. Though he was not a trainer, he has been around pokemon his entire life, and acts very comfortable around them. He generally has a friendly smile plastered to his face.

    Clothing: (what will they be wearing on the journey? Any accessories besides the traveling bag with necessities?)

    Luke... Dresses like a young trainer. He wears loos fitting jeans, with several rips and tears in them, and a stained white shirt with a day care logo on it, the stains from his years pitching in in his mothers Day care. He has white fingerless gloves on his hands as well, and a red and white cap with a pokeball logo. He also has a big white duffel bag, filled with all sorts of food and medical supplies that he thought might be needed when he left school. He has a pair of blue running shoes to compliment his outfit.

    Personality: (sum up what they are generally like, how they act around others, their strengths and weaknesses. Make it fit their keyword)

    Luke is a very gentle person. He seems to have no temper, nor is he easy to provoke. He is always calm, always thinking before he speaks. He makes a very good mediator, and treats everyone around him with kindness and respect. This can make him seem bland, and also naive, as he always gives someone a second chance, even when they are outright lying to him. But he's far from it. He has a great interest in cooking and taking care of others, and often speaks proudly of his mother's Daycare, where he learned most of his talents. He has a kind of flair when he does something he know, and is a bt of a know it all in his field. Still, he respects other people's opinions, and lets them think what they want. He is totally unbothered if someone dislikes him, though he tends to avoid that person a little bit, in favor of hanging out with those he gets along with.

    He is not a leader. He doesn't even try to be one, though his calm, level headed nature would make him a decent one. He tends to let other people make the hard decisions, and dismisses anyone trying to place responsibility with an easy, friendly smile. He likes to follow others, if only to see what is going on. Not brave by any means, but certainly not afraid. He dislikes battles, and getting pokemon hurt, but he does understand why they are needed, so he won't hesitate to get in a fight if it will protect himself, or someone he cares about, or is the right thing to do. A very good side kick. His battle style would revolve around status ailments, or boosting/decreasing the abilities of his pokemon, rather than all out power.

    Interests: (state shortly - or elaborate on! - their interests or hobbies, if they have some besides pokémon)

    Luke has an interest in taking care of pokemon. From cooking and feeding to first aid, he is quite skilled at caring for other people's pokemon. He loves to cook as well, especially when he has a lot of good food to work with. He learned most o this from his mother, who is a very big part of his life. He also has a love of, well, playing with pokemon. At a young age he was taught how to play the piano, and while he is a bit out of practice, he wishes to pick the instrument up and play it again as well.

    History: (can be pretty brief, but state how they grew up and how they came to be who they are today. Remember - people can apply for a license when they turn 13. But they might also wait. Also remember - even if a teenager gets their license, they don't have to take their school leave immediately. Or at all. With this, puzzle together a history for your character )

    Despite being in Pewter City a lot of the time, Luke actually lives in the neighboring Cerulean city. He was born and raised there, and went to a Cerulean City school. His mother owns a daycare just south of the city, so most of his time spent after school was there, helping her care for the young pokemon, as well as cooking, cleaning, and doing other tasks for her. He formed a bound with many of the customers, especially the repeat ones that saw him grow over the years. When he was about 11, one customer left a vulpix in the daycare, and picked her up after a fews weeks, but never came back for her egg. So Luke's mother kept the young vulpix that hatched from it as a pet. This was Luke's first time getting any kind of knowledge of having his own pokemon. Though it wasn't technically his at all.

    At about the same time he was transferred to a school in Pewter City, where his father worked at the museum. So most of his time was spent there for the next few years, traveling to Cerulean with his father to stay with his mom for a few months at a time, when work was the busiest for her. By the time he was 13 he had developed an urge to explore the world, as learning new things and spending time in the museum got him interested in everything around him. But before he could gather his things and go home to get his Vulpix and apply for his Trainer License, Bill offered him the chance of a life time and helped him become a trainer. He had just gotten his license, so he went home and caught his vulpix officially before heading back to Pewter City. His mother was... Not happy to say the least, but she understood that he had to see the world. So, with his vulpix in tow, the rookie trainer wa ready

    Pokémon trainer? (yes or no. Yes means that you have a license and one pokémon already. You might even be in the middle of your three month school leave. No means that at the start of the RP, you will just have passed your exam which Bill arranged for you, and Oak has just given you a pokémon) Yes

    Pokémon species: (if you answered yes above, choose a basic or baby pokémon that is NOT a starter from the games. If you answered no, choose one of the starter pokémon from the games to receive from Oak, such as Chikorita, Chimchar, Snivy etc. Any main game. If you are accepted into the RP, I will give you a starting moveset) Vulpix
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