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Name: Bill (real name is Masaki Sonezaki, but he's been nicknamed Bill for as long as he can remember)
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Body: Bill is a slender young man. He is only 175 cm tall, which often makes him look short next to other men, and equal to tall girls. He leads an active lifestyle, but only because he has trouble sitting still and calming down, and not because he actually exercises in a true way. His arms and legs are pretty thin, as he never bothered building up a healthy batch of muscles during his youth. His skin is pale, but if he would have opportunity to be out in the sun a lot, he would gain a nice orange-brownish tan. He just doesn't go out much. His head is big and his eyes alert and eager, with bright green irises. His brown hair is wavy and he always lets it grow a bit too long before he bothers cutting it. At the start of the RP, his hair waves down around his ears and almost down his neck, signifying that it's been some months since he last did something about it.

Clothing: Bill usually dresses handsomely enough, in proper pants and shirts, often with a tie. He has always dressed like that, since he felt like jeans and t-shirts were below him. The tie was a new addon from when he turned 20 though; professor Oak's assistant Daisy Oak in Pallet Town had given one to him on his birthday and said that she thought it would look good on him. He took that to heart, for reeeasons, and as good as always wore a tie after that. His shirts are usually purple or blue, but can also be black or green. His trousers are most often beige or black.

He usually dons what one might call proper shoes for a suit, but on this journey he had switched them out for a pair of running shoes which he has tampered with technologically. He has yet to test their functions out properly... He has a dark mint green jacket for cold or windy or rainy weather, and a rather large brown backpack for all the stuff he brings for himself and the team, such as ultrafoldable tents and sleeping bags!

Personality: Bill is an eager, friendly young man. He sometimes gets lost in his thoughts and inventions, but he is never downright mean. If he happens to offend someone at some point, he usually realizes it quickly enough, gets embarrassed and apologizes heavily. He gets embarrassed quite easily for things, actually. But not enough to make him feel sad very often. He can get angered or scared easily, but can also change on a whim. Needless to say, he is quite the emotional guy so you would never have to guess how he is feeling. He wears his mood on the outside.

Towards his trainers on this journey, professor Oak has advised him to take on the role of a grown up leader and guide the younger trainers to greatness. However, Bill has trouble seeing how he could act as a proper, wise grown up to people who weren't that much younger than him and probably were better trainers than him, so he says "yeah yeah" to the professor but hopes that he can make friends with them rather than boss them around. It would be a more fun trip like that!

Interests: Technology, pokémon evolution mechanisms, pokémon mythology, pokémon type & powers research. Also he loves spicy food, dislikes sweet food, has an irregular fascination for weather and a strong fear of the dark.

History: He was born in Cerulean City, the son of a father who owned the bicycle shop and a mother who was a traveling trainer. She wasn't home much, but made sure that Masaki knew that she loved him every time she visited the city. As he grew up, his father recognized his talents and never stopped him in his endeavors. His mother was a bit disappointed that he didn't want to become a trainer like her though, and some kind of bitterness there still resides today.

For Bill is a technological prodigy. He has made several minor inventions that were implemented in the works of professor Oak and the Silph Company, already when he was a wee child. And as a teenager, he made his greatest invention so far - the pokémon storage system online. It made the life for pokémon trainers much easier and flexible and Bill's name (officially Mr. Sonezaki but always written about as "Bill" still) had found a place among the great ones. Bill was of course happy for becoming a bit more wealthy than before (he doesn't like speaking of it, but he's not exactly a poor man these days) but he never bathed in the glory; he just kept moving on to new projects.

Although his father lives in the city and his mother too since she is at home more often these days, working to help Misty in the gym, Bill bought a cottage on the Cerulean Cape when he became rich. He meant for his parents to move there and live a happy life, but his mother refused and his father didn't dare to object much and blamed that he wouldn't be able to take care of the bike shop well if he lived there. So the cottage mostly stands empty, except for when Bill takes a vacation there or lets a friend borrow it for one reason or another.

When he quit school, he didn't go to college. Instead, he devoted more time than ever to studying, but only pokémon subjects, and only on his own. Sometimes he asked pokémon professors or gym leaders to teach him their speciality. His neverending enthusiasm for different subjects soon made him well read in a wide range of modern pokémon research. At the current age of 23, Bill had just finished reading up on general pokémon mythology and was curious as to why there was so little about that in Kanto when most other regions seemed to have lengthy explanations and legendary pokémon for it. Determined to study this more closely, he returned to Kanto and settled in Pewter City for some months, before he realized that he wanted to travel in order to learn the most. And thus, this adventure takes place.

Pokémon license? Yes, but he has never taken a leave from school or even tried journeying after he quit school.

Pokémon species: Bulbasaur
A male, easy going and naive little thing which Bill received as a gift from professor Oak some years ago. Since he hasn't been trained much in the arts of battle, he isn't close to evolving too soon. Has no nickname.
paired to a seeker.
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