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    S U Z A N N E
    The Energetic Hero
    Suzanne's theme Song In Spoiler

    Keyword: ENERGETIC
    Name: Suzanne Hart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Body: Suzanne is about 5'6, and is pretty silm and musically lean for a girl her age. She has lightly tanned skin, which is coupled with black hair, although, sometimes she dyes it a really dark blue color to make her feel more heroic. She keeps her in a long pony tail that extends to her back. Her hair is pretty messy, and is often all over the place, but, Suzanne keeps it locked all in one place when she goes out publicly. She has light green eyes, on where she one wishes were blue sometimes, but... she has to take what she gets. She has slim fingers and fingernails in which she doesn't paint them - she feels that's pretty much a waste of time, anyway. Her nose and ears aren't too big nor noticeable, and her lips aren't too wide.

    Clothing: As for her outfit, she generally wears her trademark checkered white and blue scarf wrapped around her neck, as a genuine symbol of her hero ship. She also wears a ruby-red t-shirt underneath her scarf, that has a yellow star-like pattern on it. Her shirt is also pretty short - in fact, it's so short that her cute little inner belly button is showing. For her bottom attire, she wears white jean-like pants that just reach towards past her knee-caps, supported by a red belt. For her footwear, she wears a pair of brown sandals supported by one buckle for each foot.

    Personality: Suzanne has a bright and energetic personality. In a nutshell, you can just say that she is a "colorful" character. She has a quirky habit of speaking in an old-fashioned theatrical tone that some people might find tiresome to deal with, but, it's pretty much the primary thing that people would say when they're describing Suzanne. Suzanne has a motion idea of being a hero and admires the most legendary of pokemon, when the irony is that they are just regular pokemon. She is always one that likes competition, like playing sports, or even playing casual games like board games, for the hero must defeat all that stand in her way to be legendary. At least, according to her.

    She also has the habit of giving odd names to people, pokemon, or even pokemon moves, as she strongly believes giving a pokemon a name gives it power, turning it into an ally instead of a mere pokemon. Unfortunately, she's also pretty clumsy at times in which her clumsiness make her pursuits to become a hero go... a little differently than she plans. Suzanne also has a strong sense of justice, though sometimes, it can often become misguided, but nevertheless, she seeks to do the right thing.

    Interests: Comic Books, Super Heroes, Flashy entrances, sweet things like cake and candy, she also loves fabled pokemon, and flowers. Lots of flowers.

    History: Suzanne was born in Celadon City, where she admired the flowers that bloomed there. Incidentally, when she was 5 years old, she was more interested in those 'typically girly' things such as dolls, flowers, etc. Some called her boring, and way too predictable, but, she didn't mind that all too much, since she did know what she liked, and took pride on it. Around that time, her father was working as a detective where he was working on a case that took Kanto by storm, as viewed by the Kanto headlines - The Great Thief as Struck Again. Although Suzanne wasn't all that interested in law (well, she was too young to understand it, anyway), she deeply admired her father for "fighting bad guys and putting em' away!" Even though he was just doing his job.

    Suzanne attended a school in Celadon when she reached 13 years old, where she often thought about cutting corners to do assignments and whatnot, but, the most entertaining part about class was the interaction with pokemon - which was pretty much the only thing that salvaged the infinity-years of boredom: price she had to pay for going to class in the first place. Her best friend, her father's Riolu, always stood by her, encouraging her to do her best. She always slacked off regardless, but, it was always a nice gesture from Riolu!

    One year later, Suzanne was 14, and she finally received her licence, after a grueling year of work. One night, her father congratulated her, and was even going to give Suzanne a reward - until he received a phone call. It was from the local predict - The thief as struck again. After a brief explanation to Suzanne that he'll be home later, he rushed out the door. Suzanne decided to follow him without him knowing, just to see her father in action. Much to Suzanne's surprise, she was soon able to catch up with her father in one lonely street corner, where he, alongside another detective, caught the villain in pursuit. It seemed to be all over, until the dastardly cur threw something on the ground - a smoke bomb which made the opening for the thief's escape. Suzanne's father was furious - the perpetrator escaped again.

    Soon Suzanne accidentally kicked a can that was sitting on the ground, which made her presence known to her father. Her father wasn't all too thrilled to see her, since he didn't really want Suzanne to see who he was dealing with. Nonetheless, it was too late. Suzanne questioned why it was so important for her father to catch this thief - after all, the local predict could all handle this case together, but for some reason, her father chose to work on this case alone. Her father didn't answer, and demanded that she went home immediately. She finally obeyed.

    While 2 years later when Suzanne was finished school, she never received a pokemon as of yet. Perhaps it was general laziness? Nonetheless, throughout the days, noticed that her father became more, and more stressed with work. The worst case was when her father suddenly burst down to tears after another unsuccessful capture of the criminal. Suzanne wanted to find out why this case was so emotional for him, but, again, her father provided no answers. That was, until Suzanne found a picture that she thought was lost - it was the only picture of her whole family: Herself, her father.. and her mother. It was then when her father approached her, and told her the truth. It was reported that this thief may have been the cause of her mother being.. dead. While Suzanne always known that her mother was lost, it hadn't been apparent to her that she might of passed away. And now she might of just found out why. Was this thief the cause of her mother's disappearance? That was the reason why her father always talked about needing justice for her.

    Soon her father was transfered to Pewter to continue the investigation, and thus, he and Suzanne moved towards the prestigious Pewter City. It was then Suzanne's life turned around - she realized she wanted justice as well. While the police might not of helped, she felt as though her needed to deliver justice herself; as a hero. Her persona changed; she began having an attitude that describes her as an ally of justice, and even started to have new interests like superheros in comic books; she always admired how they made their entrances, along with their sidekicks. She even began to experiment using flower pedals to shower herself whenever she entered a room, with very messy results. She also began to read about legendary pokemon, and thought to herself that she must capture these pokemon in order to gain her full-pledge status as a hero, but, that was going to be difficult, since... she had no pokemon. However, one day, her dad gave her a present - it was the same present that he promised 2 years ago, but, he was too busy to remember, until now. The reason why he remembered now, was because he received a phone call for Suzanne; it was from Bill. He chose Suzanne to help her become a pokemon trainer! Woooooow, a pokemon trainer-hero, Suzanne thought to herself. It was quite the opportunity!

    Today, Suzanne looked back on the present she received from her dad. A pokeball. As she looked towards the sky, she realized the sky was like her life - it had endless possibilities. It was time for her to travel, with her new sidekick, her new Riolu.

    Pokémon trainer? Yes!

    Pokémon species: Riolu

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