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I'd love to reserve a spot, please! I'd like to try my hand at a journey RP. I'd also like to reserve the word SMART, if that's also possible. EDIT: Signup underway!!! Not complete yet!

Name: Adrian Draegar
Nicknames/Aliases: Draegar (anyone that isn't close to him) || Lord Leviathan (an endearment from the family and its servants -- as well as an alias if he doesn't want his actual name known yet)
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Pokémon trainer? Yes, for quite a while now. (However, his license wasn't issued from Kanto. It's from Unova.)
They're listed in the order of their capture. This will be updated often.
Supernova -- A shy but proud Pokemon, she always strives to excel, but by almost any means necessary if things get heated up.
Lv. 5
- Ember
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Keyword: Smart

In spite of being very rich, Adrian has always preferred to keep it simple -- well, simple in the way wealthy people go. He has a few carefully packed changes of clothes, all of them formal and darker in color, which is in stark contrast to both his bright blue-gold eyes and his platinum hair (which is a very common trait in his family). If you actually manage to make (or force) him to dress casually, the mark of his upbringing will not simply rub off, and he'll somehow end up turning even beach attire into something fit to be worn in front of the King of Sinnoh himself.

Standing at just under six feet, one wouldn't think he would be an imposing person until you knew what exactly it was you're dealing with. With his slender frame, compact and wiry muscles, and very high level of intelligence, he'll never likely look imposing from a distance. However, when you look into his face, you'll see an expression that seems to look straight through you, in spite of the general lack of passion it normally displays. His eyes are definitely his most imposing feature, as they betray a keen intellect and a calm, seemingly impenetrable focus -- all only while he's in his element.

He always carries a metal cane around, just as much because it's good fashion in high Unovan society, as for self-defense. (He does know how to use it as a weapon, being trained with it by the family weapons master.) His Pokemon never, ever leaves his side. She never likes it at all in a Pokeball, and makes it very clear if she's ever put up to the inglorious task of remaining inside one of the darn things.

Probably the first and most important thing about this guy is that he's intelligent, and most of his actions and thoughts stem from simply that one aspect. His IQ is so high that some consider it ridiculous, and that is a weapon that Adrian has used for his entire life.

He's always seen as a very passive person by either the unobservant or those who simply don't know him. That is actually the farthest from the truth you can get about him. He's always got his hand in things he's interested in, even if many don't hold direct evidence of his involvement. He's incredibly resourceful, and his intelligence is his greatest weapon -- as evidenced by his method of doing nearly everything, from organizing the servants (at home) to the occasional Pokemon battle (none of which he's lost so far).

There are few things which provoke him into an open passion, and usually those are very tried and true methods of provoking his wrath. If it's an intelligent discussion, he's usually perceived as laid-back, even if he's giving it his all to win the debate. Due to his nature of striving to be the better person, he almost never gets into a fight unless it directly concerns either his personal honor, or that of those he cares about (people or Pokemon, it doesn't matter).

He's always striving to be wise in his decisions, and as such exercises caution and reason in most things he approaches, so that when the time comes for swift and sudden decisions, he'll be well-conditioned into making the correct choice by default.

Overall, he's a very honorable and trustworthy person to those he cares about. As such, he will very rarely back out of a promise if he can help it -- there are almost no exceptions to this. This is part of the reason that he has chosen this of all times to go on his "soul-searching journey" with Bill. He saw a person in need, and also saw a way to accomplish more than one goal of his life.

One thing that should be noted about Adrian is his overly competitive nature. That doesn't go to say that he can't stand losing, but he's not the sort of person who lets a victory slip through his fingers through something he could have prevented. He's highly competitive in nature, even though one might not be able to see it at first. This comes from a family that has placed pressure to succeed on him all his life, to where a failure means defeat in many more ways than one. Given his upbringing and his family's reputation for success, Adrian doesn't tolerate giving up in himself, or in others. While he may know when a fight is surely lost, if there's a chance at victory, he's going to take it and hold on for dear life if need be, though.

One major weakness of his is that he doesn't do so well around those his own age, unless he's only dealing with one or two people at once. All his life has been spent around the highly wealthy and influential, his parents, their rich friends, or the family servants. He has had hardly any interaction with those his own age, so he is frequently awkward around his peers, simply because of the way he likes to think and speak.

Another is his callousness and cruelty. Sure, he was taught by the family servants about the value of honor and duty to those who are his own, but his parents taught him that life is won by people who completely lack three things: regret, hesitation, and mercy towards their enemies. They drilled these into their child to an extent that Adrian is equally cold towards those he doesn't trust as his parents are, and when it comes to defeating a foe, he never holds back. This has cost him some allies, yet gained others who prize a very strong individual who values only those he specifically cares about.

All in all, he's ben raised to be just like a typical Unovan lord when he grows up. He was raised to be just as cold and calculating as the world was, because the world has no mercy on the weak. Unova learned that lesson twice already, and his parents are assuring their House that it will not learn it a third.

Aside from finding the hidden potential in Pokemon, Adrian is always interested in the mind -- as in all of its aspects. His keen intelligence is but a mark of his passion for the pursuit of understanding, knowledge, and intelligence. Naturally, taking excursions is but one of the ways he uses to gain a deeper understanding of himself, his Pokemon, and those around him. He is also very fond of Pokemon Coordinating, and this is evident in the efficient, graceful way his Pokemon move. This is his first actual journey, so he is looking forward to learning new things to add to his store of knowledge and wisdom.

Adrian Draegar comes from a powerful family of Unovan nobles. This family has a long and proud history of doing just about anything related to Pokemon, such as battling, psychiatry, and coordinating -- and succeeding, due to their generally high intelligence. Adrian is no different. His intelligent mind allowed him to absorb his expensive education with ease, and he graduated from his family-owned private school just last year, at the remarkable age of 15. He also got his Unova Pokemon Trainer's license the same year.

Having spent much of his life in the Unova region, Kanto is unfamiliar to him aside from Fuchsia City, where his parents have a huge estate at, that was always used as a summer home. He went there for the first time two years ago, but he never got a Kanto license, because he was able to battle in the area because of his family's influence in the area. After all, Fuchsia was an international culture hub.

Last year, his parents decided to take an extended stay in Kanto because of their own reasons, using their growing power and wealth in the area as a pretext to stick around and foster their advance for a year or two. In place of a summer home, they ended up purchasing a smaller estate with a "modest" house on the coast near to the east of Pewter City, which is entirely unfamiliar to Adrian. It was there that he learned of Bill's needs, and Adrian saw an opportunity to get to know the region well, along with pursuing some personal goals of his own.

He openly announced that he would offer his services to Bill, and when his parents objected, he waved tradition in their face, saying that his journey away from home should be here of all things. All of Unova was soft for a lord's son, and it would defeat the purpose of a soul-searching journey if it was going to be constantly easy. Needless to say, his parents are still very reluctant about sending their only child out into an unfamiliar region, on a goose chase with a stranger who had unknown motives. However, Adrian eventually ended up winning the argument.

It wasn't long before he found the man, who was still looking for volunteers. He managed to get himself picked by Bill as the smarter person of the party, owing to his strong general knowledge, sharp mind, and decision-making experience.
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