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Originally Posted by Austin1395 View Post
Okay look, the Gen. 1 games already got remakes. Then we got to visit it again in HG/SS. In total, counting the originals and remakes, we've been to Kanto 4 times. I think we've had our fill of it. I get that you're talking about a sequal but, we've been there enough. Let's give another region a chance okay? Everyone already thinks that the Gen. 3 games are going to be re-made, why not instead of remakes, sequels? You start the game as new trainers, not Brendan and May, all the cities and routes are redone, etc. I just think Kanto is done, at least for a long time.
There is a new region every generation. So that argument is invalid. Each Generation that as its remark is not a visit it is an just a system update so players can play again. Very little has change in remakes if anything. The new Kanto game would be new in most ways. Hero/Heroine would be new, some new gym leaders. Only thing that would be the same is Team Rocket with a NEW leader.
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