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Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
I'm playing this game ASAP
sounds really interesting, and I like the saga part
the storyline and blood-revenge is eye-catching
hope you continue this you have my support

Also! can you tell me more about the custom features of this game? i congratulate you for creating that battle system

edit: Can you look for some troubles with the download? I'm getting this error message:

RGSS104E.dll could not be found
Glad you like it! Custom features? Hm...unless I have mistaken something of one of them, I can't really think of any. I suppose I could say that I want to have a custom in-game menu (not exactly what you asked for). But I cannot really think of any, sorry.

Oh, and when you get it to work, all of the 'following' events were made by me, but there are not original, I think. They just use events and map co-ordinates.

Yeah, that battle system has given me some trouble, but it mostly working. I think it still needs some tweaking, but it works. It's now made of multiple common events rather than just one massive one (very stupid idea that was).

I don't have any problems with downloading it. But I would guess that you have an older version of RGSS Player than I do, try this.
Open the configuration settings notepad 'thing' and change the 4 to a 2, in the second line. If it is a version difference this should fix it. An easy way to check is to find another configuration settings notepad 'thing' of your own game, or one that has worked and compare the two.

Hope I helped.
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