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I should of made this. O_O Joining! (Can't believe I didn't even notice this club existed.)

Username: AWsquared
Favorite Owl City Song:The Real World
Answer Current Topic(Example): No I haven't but I've always wanted too. :) I've seen videos of his concerts, particularly stuff from the Live From Los Angeles DVD. Adam seems to be more real at his concerts and he looks like a great performer. I was close to attending one that was in my city. Just short of money and transportation. :( Honestly I've never been any concert before for any artist, but i'd love if Owl City was my first.

Gonna answer this one too.

Why do you like/love Owl City?

I find his lyrics both really witty yet poetic. When I hear them (especially in the older songs) they can take me away sometime. Adam's vocals are really pleasant sounding too. Plus his music is uplifting and also beautifully composed and can take me to a new world. If you've read his blog or seen some interview with him you could also see he's a very genuine person too and says some pretty inspiring stuff. One thing I admire about Adam is how open and strong he is about his Christian faith and how he can share it without being afraid of what other said.
im back