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Who is your favorite person who sang with Adam Young?

It's a tough choice between Breanne and LIGHTS. (The Yacht Club. She also appears in the Deer In The Headlight video from 1:28 to 1:50)

Breanne's been in so many Owl City songs (The Saltwater Room, Honey And The Bee, On The Wing and Air Traffic and she does keyboard/backing vocals. when Owl City's on tour) it's hard not to have her as a favorite. Her voice is beautiful too.

And heard about LIGHTS after she toured with Owl City in 2009, but it wasn't till here collab in Plant Life that I feel in love with! She makes music pretty similar to Adam, plus she just gorgeous. <3


Even now that she's blonde. :D

Anyway, has anyone picked up or listened to the The Midsummer Station Acoustic EP? It just came out Tuesday and has full versions of songs he's never released till now, "I Hope You Think of Me" and "Hey Anna", plus acoustic versions of "Gold", "Good Time" and "Shooting Star".

I listened to it on Spotify the other day and love it! The acoustic versions are better than the originals in my opinion, especially the acoustic of Gold!

Plus the full versions of "Hey Anna" and "I Hope You Think Of Me" are really great and have that older Owl City feel to it, which is the Owl City I love the most. The Midsummer Station isn't bad either , I just can't like it as much as his older work. Still a great album though. :)
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