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    Leeroy Blufinn

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    Name: Leeroy Blufinn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15

    Body: Leeroy is tall for his age, he has tanned/dark olive skin that he inherits from his father, dark brown eyes that look mesmerizing and has dead black semi-long hair , that looks like he hasn't put a brush through it in weeks. Leeroy weighs just about the same for anyone his age, Leeroy is neither strong nor weak he doesn't focus on that when exercising, his feet are large for him at first glance or his shoes are, his finger nails are as short as they can be. Leeroy seems like the kind of character that keeps an open mind in all situations.

    Clothing: Leeroy sports a neon wristwatch that glows in the dark, he wears a pair of large black (Mikey Mouse) shoes, his shirt is colored white with an intricate design on the front that wraps around to the back, his wears a pair of worn denim pants that go past his kneecaps and he also has a headband below his hair to stop his hair getting in his face.

    Personality: Leeroy is the Adventurous kind of kid, he never worries about whats ahead of him or consequences one of the perks living in Pewter City is that its right next to Mt. Moon that Leeroy enjoys to explore along with its surrounding areas, his leadership qualities stand out along with his social and co-operative skills with other people, a Jack of All Trades when it comes to doing things, Leeroy creates an opinion based on fact, he never worries when to crack a joke if its to make someone feel better or to stop a discussion reaching breaking point, he also has a strong sense of justice and knows his place among others, he can be a bit careless, Leeroy can be easily agitated when his integrity is questioned, Leeroy has a fear of Bug-Type Pokemon. Leeroy has close bonds with his Pokemon stemming from his mother being a Pokemon ranger (who left for Almia 2 years before).

    Interests: Leeroy enjoys, building watching and reading, Gundam, he also trains for the Pokemon Police academy because it is his dream to become an officer of the law, Leeroy loves his food as much as the next person, his favorite food is anything Deep fried and/or Chicken, Leeroy is excellent at sport especially cycling. Since a young age Leeroy has been helping his Mother take care of her Pokemon and it was then that he decided to be around Pokemon for the rest of his life.

    Before Birth: Leeroy's Parents met whilst his Father was vacationing in Almia when Leeroy's Mother was nearbye tying to catch a crook, luckily Leeroy's Father was their to run down the crook and meet Leeroy's Mother, after 2 months Leeroy's Father had to leave for Kanto again but Leeroy's Mother came with him. After a few years (2 Years) they were married on the S.S. Aqua and soon after Leeroy was born

    0-5 years old: When Leeroy was born his father was off working in Kanto as an officer of the law whilst his mother stayed in Almia to care for Leeroy and remain at the Ranger Station in Pueltown, after 5 years of going to Kanto and back over and over Leeroy's Mother decided to move back over with his Father to help keep a stable lifestyle for Leeroy.

    5-8 years old: Leeroy moved to Pewter City in the Kanto Region at a young age (5) due to family funds and his father working there for the last 13 years, this was a great place for Leeroy to spend his childhood because of the surrounding area's (Mount Moon and Viridian Forest) but after an incident with an angry weedle he developed a fear of bug pokemon that after 8 years he still hasn't overcome. When he was about 7 his father was forced to leave the Police Force due to a wound from an Ekans that belonged to a group of villains called Team Rocket, this was when Leeroy decided on what he wanted to be when he grew up, a policeman, so he can stop the tyranny of villainous figures like Team Rocket hurting people anymore.

    8-10 years old: At the age of 9 Leeroy spent a summer (3 months) in the Johto Region vacationing in Goldenrod City. When he was 9 he spent a holiday at his grand Parents in the Sevii Islands enjoying the beaches and Icefall Cave.

    10-15 years old: At the age of 12 Leeroy had finished his school exams and was taking his High School exams for one of the best schools in the region "The Pokemon Trainer School" in Viridian City. After 1 year of schooling Leeroy wasn't able to keep up with the other smart kids in the year and transferred to a sport school in Pewter City, close to home. When Leeroy was 13 his Mother had to leave to return to the Almia region to work as a Pokemon Ranger in Pueltown, Almia.His Father works as a one of the Gate Guards.

    Leeroy had become a trainer when his mother sent home a Houndour for him, this was the beginning of Leeroy Blufinn's Destiny

    Pokémon license?: Yes, Leeroy has recieved his Pokemon Trainers Licence.

    Pokémon species: Houndour
    Nickname: Ace, after 20 minutes of deciding on either Cujo or Ace I settle with Ace.
    Personality: Adamant, he stands by his companions no matter what.

    One Saturday morning, Leeroy had woken up early to see a movie in Celadon City, when the delivery man came knocking on the door. Leeroy rushed down the stairs whilst pulling the first shirt he saw over his shoulders, he opened the door to see a tall man wearing a Cap and overalls over his shirt, on the right strap of the overalls a delivery Badge was there, behind his feet was a cardboard box that read "Fragile" and "▲▲▲Keep this way up▲▲▲". The delivery man spoke in a quiet voice "Uh sorry for knocking so loud, this package came for a... Leeroy Blufinn. Does he live here?" Leeroy replied back with "Uh.. Yes, I am Leeroy Blufinn is that package for me?" The delivery Man said "Ok good, I have a package from a Mrs Blufinn, she must be your mother, I was also told to deliver this." The Delivery Man handed an envelope, Leeroy opened it immediately because he rarely gets letters out of the blue from his mother.

    It read:

    Dear Leeroy.
    Since your birthday was a month ago I was thinking of something super special to get for you.
    A Professor was in the area and was showing some trainers what to do in the field, when suddenly they
    came across a Houndour, the Professor caught the Houndour and was unsure who to give it to
    since they all had Pokemon of their own, that's when I stepped in I offered to take the Pokemon
    for my son, he was reluctant with my request but when he saw my ranger badge he was okay with
    giving away the Houndour, knowing it would goto a a fine young sir like you.

    Love always, Mother

    After reading the note Leeroy new what was in the box, "Ok thanks for delivering this to me." Leeroy said as he was handed the box, to his suprise the box was fairly heavy to what he thought it might way.
    Leeroy stepped inside and closing the door behind him he got out his Pokeball he yelled "Go! Houndour!" when in a red flash a Houndour appeared out of no where. "What are we gonna call you?" Leeroy said in one of those voices people put on when talking to their dogs, "How about Cujo Ace" "Ruff *Yes*" the Houndour barked with approval.p

    After a week of spending time with his new Pokemon, Leeroy decided to take the Pokemon Trainers course and sit the exam the next day, Leeroy passed the exam with good enough marks. A few days later a package in the mail arrived which held a new Pokedex a "Trainers Guide to Pokemon" and his Trainer licence.
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