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Type Effectness changes: Complete. Rock is no longer weak to Water or resistant to Normal(that really needed?), Ground is no longer weak to Grass. Now Ground/Rock Pokemon are no longer simple bait for any Grass/Water move on anything, but still need to switch due to low SDef on Special attackers.

AI Changes: No more Growl*5 attack strings...

Added new Moves for all types(moves now number to 750...): Complete.

Encounter lists: Complete.

Included Pokemon Movepool changes(rough/v1): Complete.

Included Pokemon BST changes(rough/v1): Complete.

Included Pokemon type changes: Complete.

Included Pokemon Ability changes: For terrible abilities only.

Events/Trainers/Quests: Mt. Moon complete, Showdown in Sable City needs to be competed.
Test Runs/leveling curve: Basic test runs up to Brock(beaten) done for each starter. Leveled 3 Pokemon to Lvl 13, had three unleveled in party for each starter.

On a side note, Magnitude is a *****. +4 Def Squirtles beware.
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