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    Here's my SU. How'd it turn out?

    Name: Kaido "Kai" Sozuki
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Here's a link to a picture of him. I had to use the link because my computer wasn't working right.

    If we get into a jam, don't get too close...

    Kai is a very peculiar looking man. Not in a bad way, though. In all honesty, he could be considered gorgeous. He stands at about 6'5, being quite tall, and weighs around 170 pounds. His face looks like the gods themselves carved it out, seeing as he has handsome tanned skin, a chiseled chin, and a face devoid of blemishes. His eyes are a deep green, much like that of the purest leaf. His smile is perfect, absolutely flawless, and his hair is long and golden, and normally hangs around his shoulders. Kai's body is in excellent shape, despite the fact that he doesn't try to work out at all. It's just natural. Over this beautiful vessel from the gods, he normally wears a black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and a black beanie over his blonde hair, typically leaving it half off in a rather handsome feature. On his left wrist is a digital watch.

    History: If possible, I would like to not put this down now and reveal piece by piece throughout the roleplay.

    Personality: Kaido is one of those gung-ho! adventure type of guys. He is always looking to help someone, no matter the cost to himself. He loves adventure and action more than anything, however, he is an avid fan of the ladies, and they are an avid fan of him. He's loved by a good deal of them, due to his God-Like looks. Amid his looks and lust for adventure and the ladies, however, there is a side of him he hides. A side that he hates to come out. Whenever he is pushed to a limit, his voice drops a level and becomes menacingly deep. His anger gets the better of him, his eyes get a whole shade darker. No one is safe from his wrath. Kai will turn on anyone and everyone if he gets a chance. He hates this side of him, though, and tries to contain it as much as he possibly can. He isn't successful all of the time though.

    He's generally a good guy, preferring to help others before he helps himself. Kai is a good friend, ferociously loyal and never negative towards his friends. He is brave beyond all reason, tending to charge into situations that he knows are bad, and he will probably lose, but he does it anyway. Why? "ADVENTURE!" Kai tends to use some of his own quotes often: When he's protecting a friend. "Get behind me and nothing will happen to you!" When he's excited. "Let's go! There's no time to waste!" When his dark side is about to make an appearance. "I'm about to blow! Get back!" A quote that he's saving for when he dies, or is about to go do something that will probably lead to his death. "See the light in me. Remember me as I am. Not as Him."

    Digimon: Veemon (The best digimon of all time!)
    Level: 13
    Appearance: The only thing different than him and other Veemon is the strange mark on his tail: A star.
    Personality: Veemon is almost exactly like Kai, the only difference being the fact that he doesn't have outbursts of anger, and he is the only one that can calm Kai down. He has a strange obsession with breathing fire.
    Already Obtained: Si
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