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Originally Posted by chuckleslucifer View Post
Accepted, I like what you wrote Love that because in the anime of adventure 01 and 02 alot of them are very honest and aren't afraid to show their opinion :D good to have you.

Here is a thingy for your Signature you don't have to use it.

Just remove spaces :D
Thank you so much! <3 and yes, I liked that trait from them.. so I made Lopmon similar c:

And I will surely use it, thank you!

Originally Posted by Yamagi Sosuke View Post
Is it bad that I want a girl to get Lunamon lol. I'm just secretly hoping.
I thought the same thing...

@chuckleslucifer - Everytime Patamon is given as a choice, I feel like a small kid again. I agree with you though... just the vibe Patamon gives off seems fit for an adorable kid like T.K., or any for that matter ~
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