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Name: Max

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer + International Spy

Personality: Klutzy, but outgoing. Max will always try his hardest to help a friend in need. Max has a history of getting himself wrapped up in tight situations due to him clumsiness, but always manages to pull through in the end. Max loves his Pokemon and they are dearly close to his heart, this has caused him, on many occasions, to do crazy things and take things too far, but always has good intentions at heart. He can also become very fierce and fiery during battle.

History/Misc. Information: Max was born in the Unova region and was brought up there with is loyal Pokemon team, until at the age of eleven, Max's parents passed and he was taken in by the son of the leader of the International services. From this as he grew he was brought up learning about the techniques of a spy along with his Pokemon. This lasted for five years, until Max reached the age of Sixteen, when Yokima (his guardian) fell in love with a woman who used Yokima to get close the the orginisation.When the woman failed to take over the organisation, she killed Yokima and disappeared without a trace. After that Max swore to take down forces of evil that threatened the organisation and innocent people. Max went to the head of the organisation and asked for a position as a field agent and that's what he got, he was soon transported to the Kanto region at the age of 18, and became part of an ongoing war until at the age of 20, after a long two years in Kanto, Max journeyed to an abandoned lab in Fushia City and experienced a phenomenal event. At first he was confused but soon he found Yuki who was in the same situation as him. He grew to like Yuki but never told him that he too came from Kanto. Soon Yuki had learned that they were in a parallel universe and explained this to Max. When Max thought had escaped the 'other' world, he was transfered to Orre and had just entered a volcano to check out Team Magma's diobonicle plans. Max never saw Yuki again, but this, is where his story begins.

Apperance: Max is around 5ft tall and always wears his signature red hoodie. He has blonde hair with dark green eyes that glisten in the light. He wears a pair of rectangular spectacles and often a pair of scruffy old jeans.


Nickname: Ember
Spices: Emboar
Gender: Male
Heat Crash
Head Smash
Wild Charge
Focus Blast

Nickname: Fezzy
Spices: Unfezant
Gender: Female
Sky Attack
Quick Attack

Nickname: Ark
Spices: Zoroark
Gender: Male
Night Daze
Foul Play
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast

Nickname: Musk
Spices: Samurott
Gender: Male
Hydro Cannon

Nickname: Terra
Spices: Torterra
Gender: Female
Leaf Storm
Giga Drain

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