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Hey everyone. Sorry it has been a while. Progress has still been slow, and I am sorry about that. I wanted the next update to include a lot more story-line involved, but that hasn't happened. Still stuck on the Charizard thing, but I have nearly completed the reunited part that is after the character choice (similar to that when you have to be Metagross). And don't worry, I will be going back to add the rest of the other characters that you can choose from.

However, what I would like to say is that, if anyone else has had the same problem as ★Hoenn★, that will be fixed in the next update. What! Next update!? Yes, I will be updating soon, but it will be very much like the last, only adding one extra part to it. And the save files should be compatible, I don't think I have added any new scripts to the game, but I will make sure and let you guys know if the saves are compatible or not.

So, in hopefully in a few days the update will be up. Don't hold me to it, but if I have a sudden stroke of genius, I might have the Charizard half of the next story-line event done. But that is if I have the time as well, due to the fact that I am now back at uni as of today!

Fingers crossed I can come up with an idea.