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    Tesla Arana

    Tesla's ears flickered at the sounds of the Pokemon around her. One in particular caught her attention... a Zoroark's. “I have to agree with… Tesla, that would be pretty awkward to do.” At first she was confused, blinking. Taking the hint the girl gave her, the Weavile's eyes followed the Zoroark's head and stopped at the sight of... names?

    "Oh, this is certainly awkward," she mumbled to herself, baffled by the fact she overlooked that. "Wait... but why Tesla? What kind of name is that? Why couldn't it be like, I don't know, Luna or Dawn or some interesting name with meaning?" she started to ramble. After a few minutes of non-stop whining, she shut her mouth and glanced at the others. What were they thinking of her? Whatever it was, she didn't really bother to ask, for she was more curious about the mysterious voice.

    Fortunately, somebody spoke that seemed to catch her interest. "Why the memory wipe, if we're being held captive anyway?"

    'Don't think he'll respond to that,' she thought out, only to turn and check to see who he was on the names they had shown. "Felix.. huh." Afterwards she witnessed a Charmeleon struggle and a Porygon ask more questions. Questions were nice, yes, but she wanted to get out of the seat already and the questions were only going to pro-long it. If she wanted to get out... she had to follow what the Scientist wanted them to do. "Keep asking questions, why don't you. He's completely going to give you a straight answer," she mumbled as she leaned her head back, waiting to see the answers the scientist gives. It was then the speakers had revealed the same voice. Halfway through the explanation however, her head rose. Tesla was rather surprised the Scientist answered them, and listened intently to the short answers the speakers give. When the voice had finished, Tesla had already thought up of what to say.

    "I dont' know, a child's secret room?" she answered to the voice. She just had to respond to that. "But sorry to interrupt-" Tesla started, then stopped. 'Eh, more like... ask more questions, and not interrupt, but whatever.' She cleared her throat. "Can we just get this over with? if it gets us out of here, and recover our memory for who we are... then eh, let's do it now." She ran out of things to say near the end, causing her to repeat what she had said. Not that she cared about her reputation. It was ruined the moment somebody "hinted" her the names were already there.
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