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    Dominic Harrison

    The robotic voice of the Porygon-Z spoke up over the chattering of the others. "Nobody is asking the crucial question. Where are we exactly and who are you? I don't understand anything that is happening. My brain is still fuzzy. Did you maybe injected us with something?" Dominic let his gaze slowly wander up to the ceiling and rested his glassy yellow eyes on a tiny growth of mold. The Scientist laughed a heartfelt laugh in response to the artificial Pokémon and told the group that the answers'd come one by one. Dominic quickly looked at the Scientist again and listened to what he had to say, feeling himself grow impatient with his words and with the fact that he was laughing for no good reason.

    Well, it's not like we're in this lab by choice. Why
    should we listen to you. He peered down at the straps that held his arms securely in place and his face contorted with defeat. At this point Dominic was glad that the Weavile had such a big mouth, because then she could say what most of them were probably thinking but were too exhausted or upset to say. Finally, it was agreed that the process would be started and they could begin working at getting their memories back. The quicker this was done, the quicker they'd hopefully be home free. The Scientist announced that they'd be put to sleep with gas, and though that kind of thing would normally scare Dominic into struggling and snarling some more, he did his best to bear it and allow the gas to take him over.

    Dominic sat calmly in the nearly empty room, occasionally glancing at the four others who sat by him. The chairs they occupied formed a semicircle around a desk, and that was pretty much all there was to notice in the room besides the large window that allowed them a view of the metropolis. The Accelgor, Sir Raymond, welcomed the five guests and introduced their names and specialties. Dominic observed each one as they were introduced, and when his name was called he just slightly bowed his head.

    He noticed the Zoroark, Natalia, raising her brows when his name was called. He studied her and his lips curled into a very, very slight smile that could be easily missed if he wasn't given complete, undivided attention. She seemed to be the confident type of person who did anything and everything with a professional approach. "My grand plan will, bit by bit, weaken the government while strengthening the people. The Generals must be put down, in that instance, we all concur. The question is how."

    The room darkened and Dominic's eyelids fluttered as his eyes adjusted to the sudden change in lighting. Sir Raymond displayed a slideshow on the thick paper he had pulled over the window. The first slide showed a photograph of the National Bank of Newhaven; it was admittedly a nice building, made out of clear, shiny glass and being many stories high. "We hit the bank to get our message across." Raymond's plan was to shed light on the government's weakness and convince the people to revolt against it. He stated that he already had a plan fleshed out, but he welcomed the others to come forth with a plan of their own if they had one.

    The Zoroark said she thought it'd be a better idea to listen to Raymond's plan first and all the others afterward. "I agree with her. Though I have to ask, how severely are we meaning to hit the bank? I could sneak in some dynamite and pyrotol and blow it to the ground, but if you were hoping to come out of this mission with a little dough in your pockets then I'd say my plan's not a good one, unless we steal first and risk getting caught and then detonate the bombs. But really, I think you should tell us first since you are the brains of this operation," Dom said.
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