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    Tweet Jonias

    "Of course, yes, that is what I want, to get this over with, I have other things to do anyways... well, then, heh. I will simply put you to sleep with some gas! That should get the Dormitus 4.4 working, you don't have to do anything, don't worry, I said don't worry, in case you didn't hear," the Scientist merrily said as if this was standard protocol. Tweet heard the sharp whizz of gas escaping.

    "Fastest way to sleep, hehe. Sorry, I guess. Sweet dreams!" In no time, Tweet was asleep.


    The Accelgor came in the room, obviously feeling in control of the whole group, including Tweet. Huh, he has the nerve. Tweet followed the man's path across the room until he eased himself on his chair. His butler, a ghastly Dusknoir was waiting for his Master. The Accelgor spoke, his voice deep and mysterious.

    "Welcome to Maverick Manor," Raymond Maverick said. He proceeded to introduce each one of the people around the table. Tweet have interacted with Maverick a few times but the others were total strangers to her. She was even surprised to see an Enforcer amidst them, a Blaziken whose feathers lost their brilliance probably a long time ago. Tweet would never know.

    Raymond Maverick then stood up, his hands and went to the window. Alright, who gave Ray the cue for cliche criminal pose? "I will not make you swear an oath of secrecy. Words are wind. You all know why you are here. We were all born and raised in a beautiful city, with an ugly regime. The people yearn for freedom, but they fear to step up and grasp it," Accelgor said, his voice not missing a beat. High-lo-high-low. "While they stay motionless, reluctant to take action against their government, we must work in the dark. We must become the idea that will drive them forward into the revolution that will free Newhaven from the tyrants. A force so elegant, simple, yet severe, able to make everything fall into place with the slightest touch," Accelgor finished with a deep-drawn breath. Tweet looked around and saw that everybody's attention, even the Dusknoir's was fixed on Raymond.

    The crucial moment came a beat too soon. Raymond revealed that they will start with the robbing of a bank, a feat that Tweet though to be too easy as they have a Zoroark with them, a master thief. What else could go wrong? Well, of course they would have to hit the bank, the single most protected fortress in Newhaven. Everything just went from this-is-to-easy to gods-be-merciful-we-stay-alive.

    "Hitting a bank certainly does not sound like an easy thing to do. Especially this bank. I have devised a plan of my own, but I welcome suggestions. How would you make your approach here? Is there any place in particular you see yourself being in, when carrying out the plan? Speak up," Accelgor said, sweeping a glance with his chosen elites. Of course, it would be the thief who spoke up first. She's in her zone.

    “I, personally, am all for this target to be our first. I’d suggest we do it stealthily, rather than bursting in, guns blazing. Both considering how unrefined of an approach that is, and… well, the size of our little ‘revolutionary’ group. I think we should hear plan A before we start trying to think up plan B and plan C. Who knows, maybe you’re actually onto something, Ray’," Natalia Alden, for that was the Zoroark's name if Tweet's memory served right, said.

    The Charmeleon, Dominic Harrison, spoke next. Huh, shady characters after shady characters. "I agree with her. Though I have to ask, how severely are we meaning to hit the bank? I could sneak in some dynamite and pyrotol and blow it to the ground, but if you were hoping to come out of this mission with a little dough in your pockets then I'd say my plan's not a good one, unless we steal first and risk getting caught and then detonate the bombs. But really, I think you should tell us first since you are the brains of this operation," he said. It was time for the Technician to interject.

    "As what the Charmeleon said, our way of attacking would all depend on how big a damage we wanted to cause. If we wanted a big explosion, I could supply you guys with a Shock-modded SPAS-12 or Striker each. I could also provide the standard frag grenades if you really want to go out with a boom. However, if we wanted to do an even bigger damage, we must attack them from the inside. If I could be escorted into their main vault and computers, I could easily hack into their database and delete all monetary records of most of the powerplayers in this city," Tweet said, improvising upon her idea as she was telling it. "After I manage to bypass their vaults, we go steal a few moolah if that's our priority, then we quickly go out. It'll cause confusion throughout the city in no time. No explosions, minimal person requirement. We could also anonymously claim we are behind the sabotage after its broadcast. That'll cause more confusion than before as we are still technically an invisible group."

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