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    Felix Teufel...maybe...
    Maybe it's an arti-natural chamber...


    Oh, yeah, a fair trade, except that you hid our memories from us. Wait, trade? Why did the Scientist want them exploring their dreams? The whole set-up seemed to the Blaziken less like a mere experiment than like a punishment of some sort. As he waited for the talking to wear out, he frowned. The Blaziken's last thought before he breathed in the gas was, There's more than one way to pull information out of a Pokemon...

    Felix Teufel
    Maverick Manor

    Hands loosely curled over the ends of his chair's arms, feet flat on floor. No reason to kick back when they were talking business, though that didn't mean the Blaziken's straight posture wasn't relaxed. He didn't expect much trouble, yet neither was it ever definite that trouble wouldn't arise. To that purpose, Felix Teufel was adamant on keeping his pistol, which sat in its holster on his right thigh, and belt, though he had few gadgets at the moment. Ready for action, but not expecting it in this room.

    "I am well acquainted with each of you, even though we have not met in person." Makes sense for a crime lord. "I like to be careful," Sir Raymond continued slowly. "I know your strengths, I know your weaknesses... and I know your faults."

    Tesla Arana, a medic. Young, proud to point herself out. Didn't look much like she'd be of use beyond being a medic, but who knows? Natalie Alden, who prefers 'thief'. Relaxed, probably laid back in life, not silent in conversation since she spoke up as well. Tweet Jonias, who likely knew more about technology than any of the rest of them. Apparently a female, though machines often went without identifying to any gender.

    "That is Felix Teufel, an Enforcer, indeed. Do not be alarmed, he can be trusted." Felix merely nodded in response. What was a crime lord without information? If Sir Raymond knew of him and how to contact him, he knew of Felix's general activities. The Blaziken idly wished he could know as much about the Accelgor.

    Dominic Harrison, apparently a marksman. The Charmeleon looked calm; nothing, really, to point to any criminals Felix knew of. For all he knew, Dominic could have been a perfect, law-abiding citizen up to now.

    As Raymond laid out his plan, Felix remained silent as usual. No interruptions meant the talking could finish sooner-- Hit the National Bank? Raymond was either crazy, or had a genius plan. However, less risk, less reward. And a Pokemon could not avoid risk forever. Natalia's approach was stealth rather than charging in, which made sense, of course. As it turned out, Dominic's area of expertise included demolitions. Both the Zoroark and the Charmeleon were willing to listen to Raymond's plan.

    Tweet expanded a bit on Dominic's idea before suggesting they hit the records rather than the building. Felix slightly raised an eyebrow; he could really help if they did something like that. At least, he thought he could get away with it without being found out. If he was found out...well, there was no backing out of this conspiracy either way.

    As Tesla had nothing to add, Felix cleared his throat before speaking. "It is more likely to succeed zee less zey know of it beforehand." His deep voice's accent resembled what we'd call German. "I vould recommend somesing like vat Tweet said. Depending on ven vee do zis, I vill be on duty at zee bank and can help viz security."
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