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He drummed his hand on the desk rhythmically while leaning on his elbow, listening to the Nightingales speak their mind one by one and nodding occasionally, without looking at them. His mind was processing the information and suggestions, giving the formula of a plan shape and form. Those who asked him to tell them his plan were profoundly ignored; he wanted their insight, before putting the finishing touches. Each time one of them said something that interested him, he quickly glanced up at them, then averted his eyes again to put some thought into it.

Typical of the thief, Natalia suggested that they be stealthy. Of course, the risk and the cost of an armed robbery was too high. The idea was so enticing, though, it almost brought a subtle, small grin of satisfaction on his lips.

Dominic was all about explosives, and Sir Raymond couldn't stress how perfect the option of blowing up something was. If there was one way of getting attention, it is explosions in Acter, close to the Generals. He gave a small nod towards the Charmeleon, ignoring his request of revealing his original plan.

He wasn't disappointed with Tweet. An attack from the inside was a key element he had failed to think of thoroughly yet. As for the phone call... he was planning on it. The phone call he was going to make was the key to the whole operation. That brought the grin of satisfaction of before, though he hid it with his hand until it faded. With Tweet's additional insight, it felt as if his plan had succeeded already.

Felix spoke last, his voice heavy with an accent. Raymond's associates in the Enforcers could get Felix into the bank's militarized security. That would give them a man inside... another important element in the operation.

When they were done, Raymond nodded again, deciding he was ready to share his own insight as the mastermind of the Nightingales. "Stealth is either not being seen, or not letting there be witnesses," he said in an enigmatic tone that was falsely suggesting. He was not about to hurt innocents... but getting them out of the way would be necessary.

He rotated his chair around, so he could view the screen, then gestured at his butler, who changed the slide. The outside of the bank was gone. The interiors were shown, the main hall where the transactions happened. Winston himself had took the photo with a camera he was hiding inside his ghostly body, on his last visit to the bank.

"My plan is as follows," Raymond started, "I am going to enter the bank, escorted by my nurse. Natalia will also be following us, under the guise of my butler Winston. We will take the stairs up to go to the offices; I have scheduled a meeting with the president regarding my accounts."

The slide changed again, this time into a darker place. It was a sewage pipe with dark green waters flowing, grills from above being the only source of light; these grills allowed the water from the streets to fall into the sewers, when it's raining. That ought to have been the stinkiest place that most of the Pokemon in this room would steer clear of, though he bet he had chosen the most suitable person for the job.

"Dominic is to enter the sewers and plant explosives all across the street outside the bank. The explosions should not harm the bank nor its foundations, if placed strategically on the other side of the street and are the right kind. Destroying a bank would mean effectively destroying the economy of our nation. The explosives will make the street collapsed into the sewers, instead. Ensure the explosion doesn't find you down there," Raymond said to the Charmeleon, then glanced at Tweet, the back of his chair still turned to them. "The explosions are needed to be most powerful in height, not in range, otherwise we risk causing the entire neighborhood to collapse. You are to supply Dominic with precisely what he needs."

He drew a deep breath, forging the situation in his mind with his imagination as he had done so many times before. It was impossible to resist the urge to smile at the brilliance of it all. "Once Dominic gives the signal, I, from the offices, I will phone the Castle of Acter and inform them anonymously that the bank is rigged with explosives. Natalia will imitate the president's voice in a phone call that will be made seconds later, confirming the attack. When the Generals hear that Newhaven's National Bank is under attack, they will be deploy all of the Enforcers to protect it at all costs; we only have one bank, after all. That should suffice as a wave of panic inside the bank."

The slide changed again. It was the door that led to the inner ground floor, where non-authorized visitors were off-limits; Raymond and Winston had visited there on their way underground, to the high-security vaults where he had recently withdrawn all of the gold he stored there, in case the bank job went wrong. "Felix here will have been assigned to hold security there. He will silently take out any security and shut the communications channel, as to make communication with the Enforcers from the inside impossible."

He rotated his chair to look at them once again, his smile having now a sharp cutting edge as the plan escalated. "Tesla, as a medic, will escort everyone, excluding me, out of the building to the street, and make sure we are alone. The task force of the Enforcers should have arrived by then, and she is to lie about suspicious activity inside, precisely mention that the high security vaults are shut, and that communication with the guards was made impossible. I do not think any of the cops will be willing to march inside the bank, when it is made apparent that it's ready to explode into a trillion little bits."

It was Tweet's turn. The slide changed, showing the side of the building of the National Bank. It was an air vent. "Tweet will fly to the side of the building, into the air vents to gain entry. Felix should have opened the doors to the vaults by then; the computers of the bank are all there for Tweet to have her way with them. Delete everything that is related to the government. Leave a virus to your liking as a personal touch. Meanwhile, Natalia will proceed to the main vault. The defenses there cannot be disabled by the facility Tweet will be using; our thief will have to bypass them... manually. I am confident in Natalia's skills. Once she is inside the vault, she will deactivate its defenses from the inside for a safe exit.

"Now, there are many ways to make our exit. The choice I would personally make is, detonate the explosives on the street, right where all the Enforcers are gathered, and run away in the confusion. Chances are slim anyone would notice, but I welcome other suggestions."


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