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    Name: Sadie Hunt.

    Age: Seventeen.

    Gender: Female.

    Appearance: When people first approach Sadie, the first things they notice are her adorable features. From her pinchable chipmunk cheeks, to her cute button nose and thick pouty lips, Sadie certainly is no eyesore. When she was younger, she was ashamed of her freckles, but now has grown accustom to them, though she still feels a twinge of embarrassment every now and again. Besides your basics, she doesn’t wear much make-up for a teenager. Only when it’s necessary will she cake it on, but Sadie prefers the natural look and would rather accentuate her assets than cover her flaws.

    On a lazy day, you might catch her chocolate ombre locks balled up in a bun, but Sadie typically wears her hair split down the middle in loose beachy waves that reach just below her bust. Sometimes she might wear it in a side braid or even a pony tail; it really just depends on the occasion. As for clothing, Sadie likes to feel good just as much as she looks good. Donning a dark green cargo jacket, the only thing she wears underneath it is a solid black tank top. For her bottom half, she wears light blue, acid washed, high-waisted jean shorts. Originally, they were pants, but she decided to trim them one summer. To keep her toes from freezing off in the night, she wears a pair of black socks that reach up mid-calf and two worn down black creepers.

    Personality: Due to the constant ridicule of her peers, Sadie has developed a very thick hide. Being constantly judged from a young age has made her very judgmental. Her shady past has also hindered her perception, forcing her to only see the bad in people. This causes her to be a bit of a loner. She would much rather be alone than with people she dislikes. A specific way to get on her blacklist is by being too average. Sadie loathes boring and bland people, which is quite ironic because she is very minimalistic. She also hates those that are too loud and eccentric. This leaves courting Sadie into friendship nigh impossible.

    Sadie is who she is, even if it isn’t who she wants to be. Society has molded her into this being and she has everyone to blame but herself. She won’t magically shift into her polar opposite if you manage to befriend her, and she will drop you if she senses the smallest hint of disdain. The only time a smile would ever cross her lips would be when she’s striking a deal with the dice loaded in her favor. She developed a bit of a sailors mouth over the years, but also has a tongue of pure silver that she’s learned to use in more ways than one.

    History: Throughout her younger years, Sadie has always been one to keep to herself. Growing up as an only child, she spent much of her time in her room, playing with what few toys she had. With her parents barely reaching their twenties, they didn’t have much money to spend on luxury items such as video games or new clothes. Most, if not all of her wardrobe has consisted of clothing from secondhand stores. Unfortunately, this led classmates starting rumors about her, some of which were completely untrue. There was one certain rumor that had a sprinkle of truth to it though. “Sadies dad is so dumb he can’t even get a job!”

    Sadies dad wasn’t dumb per say, but he was very young and very inexperienced. Her mother was lucky enough to find a late night shift, but her dad had no such luck. Even though her father was jobless, he was always mysteriously missing during the day. Whether he was out drinking with friends, robbing a store, or committing some sort of felony, Sadie had no idea what he could be up to. But to be honest, she didn’t care either. While she loved her parents, she never felt a deep connection with them that the other children seemed to share with theirs. It was just another bullet point added to the long list of why she felt so distant from her peers.

    As Sadie matured, so did her style. No longer were her clothes a burden. She decided that if she couldn’t please everyone, she could at least please herself. She would perform odd jobs around the city for people, earning quick cash to afford her spending habits. Of course, with her newfound style came newfound rumors and Sadie was starting to feel sick of the unwanted attention. After countless nights of crying into her pillow, she finally reached her breaking point. She had heard of people going on Pokemon adventures and decided then and there that it was her calling. Packing up what little belongings she had, Sadie hailed down a cab and begged for him to take her to the nearest port. Luckily, it was a man she had previously worked for and said the tab was on him. With a kiss farewell, Sadie bid the cab driver goodbye and camped overnight on a bench at the dock.

    At the break of dawn, Sadie awoke ready to start her adventure. She took the cheapest boat ride to the nearest neighbor region, which just happened to be Sinnoh. Almost out of money with no family to rely on, Sadie awaits to begin her journey and initiate a fresh new start.

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