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    Dominic Harrison

    Dominic listened to the opinions of Tweet, Tesla, and Felix, looking at them politely as they spoke. Tweet offered a couple of different plans, one of them involving her hacking into the computers in the bank and screwing around with the system. Dominic couldn't help but admire her. He always held people who could hack computers in high regard, because he couldn't even create a decent looking Word file without messing up dozens of times beforehand. He thought more about her suggestions while staring at the floor, thinking it would be rather effective to anonymously take the blame for the attack. That way it would be harder for the government to try and cover it up, lie about what exactly happened, or blame it on someone else who obviously couldn't have had anything to do with the whole thing (well, that depended on how much information the group gave out). Tesla said that her words had practically been taken out of her mouth, so she offered no alternate plans. Felix seconded Tweet's idea.

    Dom blinked quickly, snapping out of his trance once he realized that he had probably been spacing out during important information. He nodded as his part in the plot was explained to him. He was to spread out some explosives around the sewers under the street of the bank, but on the opposite side of where the building stood. So, the idea wasn't to hurt the bank, but to make everyone think it was in grave danger. Terrify them. Dominic was quite fond of this plan no matter how it was carried out. The grandiose shattering of the city street would be way fun!

    "Ensure the explosion doesn't find you down there," Raymond said. Dominic chuckled. "Good to know I don't have to take the role of a suicide bomber in this," he said with a smile. "I wouldn't have any extremities right now if I wasn't always careful. I'd be constantly falling out of my chair during this meeting, and probably crying from my lack of pain medication." Raymond switched slides as he continued on. The Charmeleon thought the plan was a good one, and he was couldn't stop thinking of the fear and damage that they'd strike into everyone's hearts. Granted, some of them didn't deserve what was coming to them, but others deserved way worse. "Can we plant nail bombs above ground?" Dom asked in a tiny voice, mostly to himself since he was well aware that that wouldn't help the main plan be any more efficient and was therefore unnecessary.

    Natalia expressed concern over all of them running out together and Dominic knew she had a good point. If they went through with Tweet's idea and anonymously announced themselves as a group of attackers, and then ran off in a large group, they'd be easily spotted and questioned. Escaping separately was the best bet. Dominic kept quiet for now so as to give the others a chance to speak up.

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