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    OMG *o* I love this kinds of games! Kudos to you for making one of these, I love playing as Pokemon, and this looks really interesting.

    However, I must, must, must point this out: in some of the screenshots and maps, I've seen human-made stuff like bookcases, notices, bridges, etc. I know it might seem weird, but having these in a Pokemon game makes no sense. You have to think that Pokemon are like animals, and therefore, they wouldn't be able to create stuff like that unless it looks extremely primitive. You don't see chimpanzees and gorillas using self-made hammers, do you? Try to work on that. Use Treasure Town as an example (albeit a really bad one)


    Now, I don't know where the cloth for the tents would come from, but logically I could see it being crafted from Spinarak/Ariados silk. Even the paint colors could have come from a Smeargle (maybe they can generate a colored liquid on their tail, or maybe changes based on what move it copies?). Anyway, just notice that a lot of the stuff in treasure town is made of natural resources like rocks and trees, and even though there are some advanced things there, each could be logically explained. The giant faces on the shops are probably made of painted clay.

    My point is, even though Pokemon can do some advanced stuff, you gotta give it a primitive rendering to make it look more realistic and Pokemon-made. It wouldn't make much sense if humans came to the Pokemon world, built all this stuff, and then left So yeah. For the table, you could make it look roughly carved out of tree trunk, and not have a covering on it. For the paper, eh, maybe you could do some kind of wooden tablet that gets words carved into it? As for the bridge, definitely go with a kind of placed-down-log look. I dunno, it's your game, just some advice.

    Will totally play the demo now if I can get the keys to work.

    EDIT: Okay, so my keys won't cooperate, but I do like how it looks :D I noticed in-game that you had a bookshelf, potted plants, and leaf-themed cushions in Grovyle's den. I can't really see a bookshelf made of metal/whatever that bookshelf is made of in a Pokemon world. Maybe maybe it carved out of wood? If you decide to go with my tablet idea, you could replace the books with those. As for the potted plants, maybe change it to plants growing out of the ground with grass cracking through the floor. As for the cushions, there's an RSE decoration that's a log chair, so you could use that instead. Hopefully I'll be able to play this at some point!