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I was looking through the section when I realized that there wasn't much poetry! D:

In order to change this I decided to share some fun, simple poems I wrote out a few years ago. There isn't meant to be some deep meaning, it's just here for a smile or two.

My Cooking
Nobody likes my cooking,
I just don't understand why.
Why people won't eat my black widow pie.
People run when they see me bake,
they won't even try my moth-filled cake.
I gather up the extras in great big bowls,
but they still refuse to eat my insect rolls.
I put all the goodies in my Frigidaire fridge,
but they throw all my creations off the Golden Gate Bridge.

There once was a pirate feared,
His ghastly name was Blackbeard.
He struck fear upon the sea,
a mighty pirate was he.
His ghastly name was Blackbeard.

I can't fall asleep tonight,
not with all my might.
I've counted all the sheep,
I've buried in my covers deep,
I've tried for hours, I might as well cry.
What's that mom, close my eyes?
Oh well, it's worth a try.

One day I decided to fly,
I gave jumping off the roof a try.
I soared across the sky,
watching the world pass me by.
But then I landed on my head,
now I'm in the hospital, on a bed.

Just thought I would share these since this section needs more love in the poetry section. Let me know what you think! If you guys liked them I'll try to write out some more.
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