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Milran the Miltank

What rhymes with hug me?

x 5 x3
x 1, Plusle's. x 3. 660 ✧

Milran just finished drinking another of his milk when a Snover walked up to him. "Hey, nice bell you got there! I heard it from all the way over there, so you were the first person to attract my attention. I'm Ryan, by the way. I'm new to this town, but I was looking for a member of the Pokecommunity guild, which was said to be camping here. Could you possibly direct me to one?" The Snover seemed to be young.

"Moo?" Milran answered, the milk getting him light-headed and all. "Oh, I'm sorry. Hah. I possibly drank too much milk today. My head is feeling dizzy and all." Milran laughed, massaging his temples. "I'm just a newcomer today, also. Ha. Pegged me as a local, am i right?" Milran stood up and grabbed the young Snover by his shoulders. "I admire the guild people. They're brave and all." Milran has a flair for the theatrics when he drinks milk more than his capacity. "But no, I can't point you to someone. The only people I know in here is Janna and a little Plusle, I forgot his name, but bless the kid." Milran laughed, nearly stumbling. "He got me a Joy Seed and I am going to give him an apple. Speaking of him, where is he?" Milran looked around, trying to spot somebody. "HEY!!! LITTLE PLUSLE WHERE IS MY JOY SEED?! HAHAHAH!" Milran laughed, his whole body shaking and his hand still on the Snover's shoulder. His bell was ringing throughout town.

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