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    Dominic Harrison

    "Dom!" a tiny voice called. Dominic grumbled and turned around to face the opposite direction of the voice. "Dom!" The voice was louder this time, had followed his change in position, and from what Dominic could understand, it was calling him dumb. "I'm not dumb I swear she told me she was eighteen," he muttered, turning around again. "DOMINIC." He groaned and slowly opened his eyes to allow them time to adjust to the light. "What, Leslie? What is it?" He opened his eyes fully and met his little sister's gaze.

    "I- I- I heard your computer making a noise! It said- It- It- It said…" Dominic waited patiently for her to get her words out. She had a stutter that frustrated almost everyone who spoke with her, but Dom was never bothered. He always made sure to never interrupt her and let her finish talking. "It said, 'You got mail!' Do- do- do- do I ever get to have some- some- some mail?" Dominic smiled at her. "Of course you do! Watch, pretty soon you're going to become a very important person and people will be sending you mail all the time! Your inbox will always be full."

    He got up from the couch and walked quickly towards his bedroom. He pushed off the toys that probably Leslie had spread out onto the keyboard and shook the mouse, prompting the computer to wake up from sleep mode. He switched to the tab with his email and noticed that he'd been sent a voice mail from Sir Ray. The small Charmander joyously bounded into the room, obviously completely unaware of what the message was communicating. "What- what- what did you get?" she asked enthusiastically.

    "Uh, Leslie, it's nothing important. Just spam. Go play with Sammy," Dom said, not wanting to play the recording in her presence. "Oh… Alright." She disappeared from the door. Dominic went over to it and shut it, then returned to the computer and played the voice mail. After listening to the message, he deleted it and then eyed the box that sat by the computer monitor. Inside was the device for the ranged communication.


    Dominic went to the emptiest street he could possibly find in order to carry out the plan without being seen. He lowered himself into the sewer and walked along it, turning corners and exploring until he was sure he was in the right street. The bank's street was always very crowded and entering the sewer there meant ruining the plan. He kept his vibrant flaming tail raised as high as possible to prevent the nasty green sewage water from touching it. At some parts there was cement raised up higher than the filthy liquid and when the opportunity presented itself, Dom walked along those 'paths'.

    The occasional Rattata would scurry past him, but they didn't attack or give him any kind of problem. Either his appearance was too intimidating or his tail was too blinding for these creatures that never saw the light of day. Dom turned corners this way and that with the dynamite he'd received from Tweet in tow. He'd been supplied with that dynamite, a blasting cap, and a fuse. Soon he reached what he thought was the correct spot, and he climbed a ladder to peer out through the tiny holes in the sewer cover. Sure enough, he was in the right spot.

    Dom wasn't even sure how he knew where exactly to go, since at every corner the sewage was dark and dreary and disgusting all the same. Maybe it was just intuition. He lowered himself down again and began setting up the dynamite in the appropriate spot, attaching the blasting cap and the fuse. He walked backward, unrolling the fuse and getting as far from the dynamite as he possibly could. Now all he had to do was wait for Ray's signal to light the fuse and then get the hell out of dodge.
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