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Awkward /ˈôkwərd/ (Adjective): Deliberately being Brianna Jenssen...

MAIN FACTS --- The birds and the bees...

Name: Brianna Brielle Jenssen. --- BREE ---
Age: Yes, I mean, 16.
Gender: Female
Theme: Butter Building - Kirby's Adventure.

IN-DEPTH --- When mommy dropped you on your head...

Appearance: By clicking the name of the character you'll be magically transportalized to a picture of a Mii that roughly looks like her.

Brianna stands at somewhere around 4 feet and a half. Meaning she's somewhat short. Her weight is of 96 lbs, so you can expect her to be a slim kind-of-girl. And it's true.

One thing that you'll notice is her long, well-groomed, black hair that falls all the way to her waist while forming a V shape. It is also brushed in a way that makes a tuft fall by the side of her eyes. Her eyes are big and round, and the color of chestnuts. Her peachy skin, along her arched eyebrows, make it look as if she has a look of decision in her face. Like she's ready to face whatever comes her way. Or something... It should also be noted that her somewhat smaller than normal nose and her bright, red lips make an incredible contrast with her other facial traits.

Her wardrobe is simple. A solid blue blouse with nothing particularly special about it, except for long, gray sleeves that cover her arms -and even her hands-. A pair of skinny-tight jeans of a crimson red can also be seen, alongside her pretty (but very uncomfortable) high-heels of a shiny white. Finally, her black messenger bag that she carries everywhere. Shapes in a rectangular fashion and decorated with stickers of many smilies and Pokémon. She uses it to store a plethora of items, at the single prize of rarely being able to retrieve the right item, should she ever need to.

Personality: Despite Brianna looking perfect, she’s got quite an amount of defects. First, she’s quite stubborn, and thus she will not accept her mistakes, even if they’re huge. As in Texas kind-of huge. She’s a little bit of a bipolar, and thus she’ll be happy one second and furious in the next one. Just like "Er mah gerd I'm so happy WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKINA T?!"

She hates taking advice from others and at thus, she’ll do everything in her own, unless she really needs help, but even then, she would never admit she’s in need. A kind of girl that will always put others over herself in spite of her getting hurt in the process.

An impulsive young girl that barely stops to think before her actions. She doesn't think what she's doing. And as such, it is quite the frequent happening that she regrets what she did after a while.

Finally, she seems to be a magnet for bizarre happenings. There isn't much of an explanation to this. She simply finds a way to do awkward stuff that tends to scale in its degree of bizarreness with every time it happens. Name a scenario, any scenario, such as a Zubat getting stuck in her hair. You'd be surprised how many times that's happened by now.

History: It was sunny day in Philadelphia Violet City, like most of them just happen to be. A couple that had been together for a couple of decades was blessed with a young child. An individual of untaped, undiscovered and overall mysterious potential! Her surname is Jensen. She was named Brianna.

"No... Brielle."
"No! Brianna!"
"What, no, it's Brielle!"
"Arceus damnit, no! She'll be Brianna!"

This silly discussion was backed by even sillier arguments. To her father, Brianna is a name that was clearly crafted by Ho-Oh in its whole glory, which let those that heard it catch a glimpse of the almighty Arceus himself... her mother thought Brielle was a pretty name. Neither of them could agree as to what her name would, so they settled with both. And so came to be known Brianna Brielle Jenssen.

This child was as happy and cheerful as they can come. Playing with dolls, pretending to know how to apply makeup to themselves at age 4, fighting over the jar of cookies. The simple things. Life was good, and she couldn't complain about it, eventually fan girdling over Pokemon School Musical and the delicious male specimens of Teen Zorua. As of her studies, she!s decided to be a black sheep on the Jenssen family, being a... Wait for it... TEACHER.


Well, really, the whole idea of obnoxiously running around an entire landmass while hitting yellow rodents with metallic capsules doesn't really appeal to her. If you asked her, she'd spend her nights reading a nice book on Unfezant's morphofisiology, those are the good things in life, books. Books are your friends.

Added to this is the fact that her father cannot stop bragging about those old mons he raised before electric bulbs existed.

Er mah gerd. Mine Feraligatrz is so coolz. So is mine Noctowlz. Oh my gee!

Her father and Swaggety Swag the Feraligatr are certainly special, and by now she just knows the Trainer deal ain't her thing. And still, some random Professor seems to be opposing the idea of a black sheep and will give her a Pokemon or something. Probably has to dow with her parents. Pardon her, she was busy reading about Nidoran Males. And now she's walking towards a lab. And stuff... Now back at that book I mentioned before...

Her parents, you might ask? Irate because she wants to be a teacher. BRIANNA! Y U NO TRAINER?!!!!1 That's why they forced her to go in this journey thingy! That way she'll realize how Pokémon are tons more awesomedorable than books! That's how parenting works, am I right?

And that brings us to now.

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