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Tesla Arana

The Weavile walked out of the Mansion, Ray following right beside her. She had placed everything she needed in her small medicine bag. It only had one strap, so she slung it across one shoulder and let the bag rest on the other side of her body. It contained everything she needed for the events that are about to happen. At first she carried doubts, since she's not used to actually performing orders given by anybody for... a rebellion. The closest she's done was go against the rules and try to get to her brother. Of course, that attempt failed. It only serves as a reminder that you cannot change one's faith, or so she believes...

She started to recite her lines, doing as she told Ray she would do. Of course it would confuse people around her since she used her hand gestures to remind her what she had to say. Of course a walking child would look at her funny if she suddenly formed a circle with her arms.

"Hey, don't look at me like that... it's distracting," she would tell random kids who would pass by her.

This all reminded her of her brother, and she couldn't help but wonder how it would turn out. What if it didn't go right? What if she failed? What if somebody fails and she can't save them? So many questions and so little time... in fact, she stopped her train of thought when she saw a familiar face floating not far from them; Ray's butler. 'Guess she's ready. Ugh, I hate how I am not ready, might need to lie, and my claws weren't sharpened!' she thought, suddenly realizing she had stopped practicing. "Ugh, I gotta stop distracting me here Ray," she mumbled, but it wasn't loud enough for him to hear.

They reached the disguised Zoroark, which in reality was the sneaky Thief, in the alley. Tesla folded her arms, pretending it was indeed the butler. At least she didn't have to act like she didn't know him, since she DID have to be in disguise... right?
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