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Appearance: Jun stands at a healthy enough 175 cm height, but at a mere 65 kg weight. He is very well trained, due to having grown up with the ritual fighting dances of a group of monks tending to the Brass Tower of Ecruteak. Well trained as in healthy and with great constitution and agility - not as in loads of muscles. His skin has a natural north-east Asian tan, not very dark but noticeably non-pink. His hair is black and seems to grow sideways, as if in one big right-swirl. He has a relatively clean cut fringe, depending on how long ago he got a haircut. His face is gentle and alert, with his big blue eyes able to look intensively at you and not even the slightest hint of facial hair coming up. For clothing, look at the picture (which is from Hapurilainen's pokémon trainer creator on deviantart). He took a jacket from the monks but otherwise wears black canvas pants and red, sturdy sneakers.

Personality: Jun is often described as a nice, cute guy who is a bit naive. His family has tried to raise him with a skeptical outlook on life, to become a smart businessman, but it is as if he has counterworked that subconsciously because he is as quick to trust as they come. Something they have managed successfully though is to make him determined. When he is set for a goal, he does his very best to fight for it until it is met. But what his parents don't realize is that it has more to do with the philosophy he has been taught at the Brass Tower. Giving up something you really want is betraying yourself. Jun is also most of the time a very curious person and can act on instinct before thinking things through if he sees something interesting. This is not to say he is stupidly rash - he can still keep calm and be rational. Except for when he is really curious, really determined or overly trusting of course.

He has some relatively bad points too, of course. Jun has a tendency to be forgetful, something which is looked down upon in the businessworld and in the world of scholars. It's linked to him not being very skeptic of things, so he doesn't think too deeply about things when he doesn't need to and thus might forget about them easily. He is also a bit naive, in that he can believe things someone say if they sound sincere enough as well as trust someone he just met without a second thought if they were nice enough. There is also the detail of his emotional life. He is not a wreck, but he does get infatuated with girls pretty easily. And boys too, for that matter. He is a bisexual even if he is not sure about it himself. Him trusting people easily might sometimes have to do with him feeling attracted to them easily.

History: Once, a monk from the group who tended to the Brass Tower of Ecruteak fell in love with a girl from a very different world. He was a lowly monk with not many ambitions in life, she was part of a wealthy business family passing through the city. Their meeting was destiny, or so they described it later. She moved to Ecruteak and he gave up being a monk for some time, as they made a family for themselves. They got three children, two girls and one boy. The oldest girl and the boy seeked their own ways in life, but the youngest girl wanted to be more like her mother's side of the family. And so she grew up in the new Johto generation of scholars who had never owned a pokémon in their life. She met a husband, a teacher at one of the universities at which she took courses once in a while, who was a bit radical in his views but a believer in the new world all the same. A child was born, a boy. And this is Jun.

Jun grew up in an Ecruteak City where the only pokémon trainers were the Kimono Girls (not the same as Lyra and Ethan met, but their daughters or granddaughters) and they had little challengers these days, battle wise. But there were some more. At the Brass Tower, Jun's grandfather had begun working again; his wife had moved to Goldenrod to better oversee the family business, and seldom visited Ecruteak anymore despite her destined lover there. Grandpa still believed that pokémon and humans should live together and train together, and as Jun grew up and was groomed to become a shrewd businessman like his mother's family, he spent a lot of his time with the monks of Brass Tower. He learned to meditate and dance and understand a philosophy about all beings belonging together through a mysterious force. And he met pokémon, since some were kept as pets at the tower.

He also met a girl, the daughter of one of the younger monks. Her name was Rin and throughout Jun's early years, they were like friends yet strangers, colleagues yet rivals. They always tried to best each other, until Rin became old enough to be more womanly. She had no interest in his antics and games anymore and Jun started trying many different things to impress her. When he realized that his grandpa had signed him up for becoming an official pokémon trainer, Jun was endlessly happy but also very nervous. He could surely impress Rin by becoming a great trainer! But at the same time, his parents weren't too happy. They did not want a life of battling for their son. But there was little they could do, as Jun had his mind set and his grandpa backing him up.

Jun doesn't know Totodile well yet.
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Brass Tower Groundkeeper - Jun's grandpa. Taught him the dancing phoenix philosophy.

Rin - childhood friend, working in Brass Tower. Jun wants to impress her.

Hugo Colthearts - childhood friend of Jun, who still believes that Hugo is a girl! (played by Miss Doronjo)
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