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    I hope I'm not too late to join! I'd like to get back into roleplaying, and this looks fun! Red Tauros energy drinks are a running gag in my Pokemon OCs by the way. :7:

    Name: Annalise Paige Fairwing

    Age: Fourteen

    Appearance: Annalise, or Anna as she will often call herself is close to average for her age, standing at five feet, six inches tall and weighing in at 134 lbs. She has light brown hair, which is often a bit unkempt and going off in a few different directions. Strangely, she seems to like it that way. The only accessories she chooses for her hair are a white band to keep it in place (somewhat) and a small tie to form a little side ponytail over her left ear. Her skin is slightly pale, a result of her sheltered upbringing, but has darkened slightly recently. The girl's eyes are a shade of the purest blue, and are often gazing curiously at some unfamiliar object. It is not uncommon to find Anna with her head in the clouds, even when one is speaking to her.

    Despite her wealthy upbringing, Annalise does not have much care for her style of dress. She pays a small degree of attention to fashion and flair, but in no way will it ever manifest in formality. Her most common attire consists of a simple pair of denim shorts and a black tee marked with a red and white target. She lacks any sort of fancy jewelry that might connect her with the household that threw her out. She wears simple loose socks over her feet, along with black running shoes bearing a white stripe.

    History/Backstory: Annalise was born to a wealthy businessman and his wife, a fashion model. Growing up in a manor in the countryside, she lived a sheltered, pampered life since infancy. Despite having servants to cater to her every whim, Anna felt uncomfortable in high society, and yearned for something more. She was not allowed to leave the mansion, except under the watchful eyes of her parents, who never let her stray far. Annalise would often explore the gardens of the manor and interact with the various Pokemon there, but by age ten she had seen every nook and cranny, and wished to explore beyond.

    Being tutored privately rather than attending school, Annalise's only interactions with those of her own age were with the children of the other members of the club to which her parents belonged. Though several were snobbish and obsessed with high class, Anna did make a few friends in that circle, though she never felt terribly close. Though she did have an older brother, he had become absorbed in their father's business, and rarely spoke with her. Her parents were often busy with their work, or associating with friends of her own, leaving her care to the servants. But Annalise didn't mind much; she and her parents had so little in common that she felt better off without them.

    Though they held no more secrets, or so she thought, Annalise continued to spend most of her free time in the gardens. Though her mother had a love for pink Pokemon, her father detested Pokemon with a passion, but as such had the garden filled with Clefairy, Skitty, and other Pokemon of those sorts for her pleasure. Anna interacted with them occasionally, but they were more attached to her mother than anyone else. Things began to change, however, in Anna's fourteenth year, when she discovered a lone Dratini swimming about in a pond after a rainstorm. She approached the Pokemon curiously; it was shy at first, but soon warmed up to the girl. The two became fast friends.

    Anna's parents refused to let her keep the Pokemon, just as she had expected. But the girl was persistent. For a few months she managed to keep the Dratini hidden in the pool, coming to visit every day when no one was watching. One day however, her father became curious of why Annalise continually visited the same place rather than run around the gardens as she had in the past, and followed her in secret. He discovered the Dragon Pokemon, which led to a massive argument among the whole family, with Anna refusing to part with Dratini. Her mother had the young Dragon Pokemon disposed of in a nearby river, threatening to disown her daughter. Annalise couldn't care less.

    The teenager packed up what little possessions were truly hers, and left for the city. At first she was unsure of what to do with herself, having no skills in the outside world and no home to return to. The only dream she held was to one day meet that Dratini again, but first she would need to find a place in the world. While searching for a job Annalise discovered a bulletin requesting teens and young adults to apply for an exam to receive a Pokemon. Curious, Annalise went to the local Pokemo Center in Cherrygrove city to take the test.

    All the years of tutoring from the best of the best, despite how boring it was did pay off. Anna passed with flying colors and was given a letter to give to Professor Elm at his home. She wasn't sure what to expect at first, but she knew this would be her first steps toward finding her place in the world, away from her snobbish family. Her journey as a Pokemon Trainer is set to begin.

    Personality: The first thing one will likely notice when meeting Annalise is her curiosity. Living a somewhat sheltered life has made her curious of every new thing she encounters. She sociable and eager to make friends, but also a bit gullible. Anna is a loyal companion to the end, and will do anything to protect a friend or loved one in danger. Though not a snob, she can be a handful if angered, and will do what she thinks is right regardless of anyone else's opinion. Annalise is beyond brave in the face of threats, though she has a hard time knowing when to run from a fight she can't win.

    The girl's intelligence will often show in her book knowledge. She has learned many subjects from her tutoring, but her sheltered life has left her without life experience. She will often profess her knowledge to others, only to get corrected when displaying a lack of street smarts.

    Anna sees Pokemon as her dear friends and partners, and makes very little distinction in the way she treats them and how she treats human friends. She has become somewhat disdainful of high-class society, but retains a small taste for flair and fashion. Rebellious at times, she detests having servants to cater to her every whim, and strives to be independent. While still new to Pokemon battles, Annalise employs a tactical approach rather than all-out offense. She strives to find her own place in the world, and show her family that she is not a failure so that she can laugh in their faces.


    Name: Petal
    Gender: Female
    Personality: The Pokedex may describe Chikorita as quiet and peaceful, but this particular individual does not match that description. Petal is full of spunk and always ready to get up and go. She has a competitive side, enjoying battles for the play and exercise, but isn't afraid to give it her all to win. She's a friendly little Pokemon with a warm heart, always wanting to play with others, but is shy around Professor Elm's Cyndaquil due to a past incident.

    Theme: Mirai Start - Mimori Suzuko (Yes, it's the Japanese theme to MLP:FiM)

    Other: Annalise has a great hatred of businesses and offices, wealthy snobs, and Bidoof (don't ask). She also has a great like of Red Tauros energy drinks and Gummy Cubchoo candies.
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