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    Name: Anise Briar

    Age: 15

    Anise stands at 5’4 and weighs 120 pounds, fairly average numbers for a girl her age.

    Anise is frequently praised for her light lavender hair and fair complexion, traits she picked up from her mother and a particular rarity in Johto. It’s a source of pride for her and she does her best to take care of it. She has her father’s not nearly as interesting dark brown eyes.

    On her arrival to New Bark town, Anise dressed with her journey and the coming winter in mind. She wore a pretty yellow coat on top of a white button up and a black long sleeved shirt underneath. She also wore loose white pants with tights underneath to ensure she was warm. On her head she carried an oversized green beanie and her feet a cute pair of yellow boots. Around her neck was a white wool scarf and around her waist a convenient green bag to hold her supplies.

    Anise comes off as a very ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ type girl. She’s always cheerful and seems to do her best to keep people around her happy. She’s full of smiles. It’s hard to find her in a bad mood and even harder to bring down her high. This usually makes people around her fond of her; though people have become annoyed with overt optimism. People usually mistake her happiness as a sign of naivety, but the truth is she is incredibly thoughtful and cunning.

    Despite her outward optimism, Anise is actually fairly cynical and understands everything isn’t as great as she might make it seems. Her optimism is mostly used as a front in order to keep positive company as she understands there is always strength in numbers (though she does enjoy company by itself). She’s also well aware that it’s incredibly difficult to make friends as an overt cynic, so she avoids being negative around people. She enjoys being on people’s good side as there is a certain degree of power and opportunity that comes with that as people are willing to do more things for people they consider friends. While her optimism is a front to a certain degree, Anise does honestly like to make the best of a situation instead of moping about how bad everything is.

    Anise is some ways is a narcissist. She comes before anyone, regardless of the sacrifices she may have to make. She does not deeply care for others and has great difficulty trusting people deeply, even if she seems to be your best friend with her happy attitude. This isn’t to say she dislikes people, but she has no problems if it comes to cutting people off if necessary. Truthfully, Anise will defend people she deems important and can be trusted to do her best, but she will never put her friends ahead of herself.

    Her greatest fear is probably being helpless. This fear is what her persona wraps itself around and why she has such a need to have power and ultimately why she decided to become a trainer. In her mind trainers are some of the strongest people in the world and she wants to have that power. Knowing how Johto is in a particular thought situation, she wants to prepare by taking on this opportunity to become a great trainer.

    Anise never want to be put in a helpless situation ever again.

    Anise was born in Goldenrod City. Her family has owned the famed flower shop for the past few generations. Her father left her family fairly early in her life; as such she grew up around the women who traditionally took care of the shop. As she was named after and lived among flowers her whole life, she was very fond of plants and associated them with her family. It was a wonderful means of growing up and made the girl have a very bright outlook on life. As a child, Anise was a pure optimist, without a sense of cynicism in her.

    Anise took after her mother and people often complimented the two of them for their beauty, even as a young girl. Men would frequently visit the store in attempts to seduce her mother. Anise’s mother would always reject these men, not because she still had feeling for Anise’s father, but just because she lost interest in men chasing her over superficial things. At a young age her mother taught Anise that people tend to say things just to reach alternative goals. This applied to both men and women and in the future would apply to Anise as well. The message didn’t sink in right away and it was a tragedy that made the young Anise really understand what her mother was trying to teach her.

    At the tender age of 12, a man who frequently tried to court Anise’s mother came by the flower shop. In an attempt to take a different approach to reach the woman, the man befriended Anise, in hopes to have that be the key to getting to the woman. Anise as a young and naïve child befriended the man over the course of a few weeks, but she never once tried to convince her mother to make a move with him, despite his constant pleads. Eventually this angered the man and one day, he requested to bring the young girl to a nearby candy store, without notifying anyone in the flower shop. As a young naïve little girl, she went along with the man, only to be quickly knocked out in a dark alleyway and kidnapped.

    When the girl awoke, she found herself in a dark truck, along a lot of boxes. She was tucked inside of a bag and being driven off to somewhere she couldn’t image. Fear took over her in those first few moments as she had no idea what was going on. She fearfully investigated her surroundings, most of the boxes contained furniture, empty pokeballs, and other generic items usually found in storage. Anise eventually found a box with enough space for her to hide in safely, as she had no other idea on what she could do. After about half an hour of travel, the truck stopped and the man came around to bring the girl out, muttering some parts of his plan to himself on his way.

    “Alright, all I need to do is pick up this girl, lock her away in a room, and call the flower shop for a ransom. I’ll be able to finally get that woman and I’ll be able to get some cash out of this too.”

    He moved on to open the bag surprised to find a duffle bag filled with clothes rather than a little girl.

    “Clever litt-“

    The man said as he turned, suddenly cut off by a bat to the face. Anise immediately dropped the back and took off, taking advantage of his daze. Jumping out of the truck, she found herself in front of a house in a forested area, without thinking about where she was or where to go, she just ran as far as she could in a random direction, wanting to get away from the man as quickly as possible. Her run was cut short as she was tackled down by a houndoom.

    “Smart girl, but I don’t think being smart is going to get you out of this.”

    The man had managed to catch up with her, which was no big surprise, given the situation.

    “Maybe I shouldn't even ransom you. You’ll probably grow to be beautiful just like your mother. What do you think of that little Anise, do you want to be my woman?!”

    This familiar man was scaring the young child, tears building between her eyes. What was going on? How did this happen? What can I do? The girl was feeling absolutely helpless. The houndoom that was just on top of her loosened its grip allowing her some leeway to back away. Crawling backwards, the girl could only stare fearfully at the man in front of her.

    The man began to laugh manically.

    “That’s it Anise, that’s what I want, that’s all I've been wanting! That look of fear, of helplessness, this I just too much for me!”

    His laughing boomed louder, his arms thrown out to the side. His breakdown expediting by the moment.

    “Old men shouldn't be chasing after little girls.”

    A voice called out from another section of the forest. An old man emerged with an Azumarill by his side. The frantic manned turned to look over at him.

    “Who are you, you old creep. Get out of her now before I force you out of here.”

    The old man replied with a charming laugh.

    “I’m just an old retired trainer, just doing a little exploring for the sake of it.”

    “Like I care? Get out of here old man! Houndoom teach him a lesson!”

    The Pokémon redirected its attention from the little girl to the old man. It lunged at him, only to be knocked almost instantly by aqua jet. The Azumarill bounced from the Houndoom right into the old man knocking him out as well. The attacks were so quick and precise Anise couldn't believe what had just happened.
    “It’s alright little girl, you’re safe.”

    The old man grinned to the child, walking over her. Still frightened, she tried to back away. The old man just grinned.

    “You can stay away if you want, I don’t blame you for not trusting me.”

    He pulled out a pokegear and sent out a call, after informing the girl that he called the police and that they should be coming soon to help her, he then walked away with his Azumarill, leaving the girl to her own. As the old man had said the police arrived shortly and arrested the kidnapper. They brought Anise back to Goldenrod, where she had a warm welcome with her family back at the flower shop.

    After this event, Anise had a lot of trouble trusting strangers and began to develop her cynical habits, thought she never forsaken her optimistic approach to living life. Anise never learned who the old man was, but because of him and his Azumarill, she grew a great respect for trainers and associated being a trainer as being powerful. She took many training class while in school and became fairly familiar with the concept of being a trainer and when the opportunity appeared for her to receive a free starter. Refusing to let this chance go, she used all of her power, strings, and forsaken all the relationships she’s built in the last few years to ensure that she would be selected as one of the seven.


    Other: She likes to keep her hair short and messy to distinguish her from her mom, who has long silky hair.

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