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    Originally Posted by Shay-Shay View Post
    @Darkroman: Thank You for the feedback! And I truly understand. What type of music do you like then? I'll probably end up making something that you might like in the future, who knows. I'm just knocking down a list of projects, mostly 8BIT Sounds, Dubstep genre, Pop tracks and Soft piano music.
    Some 8-bit tunes I like, and some techno and trance. Some examples of the type of techno I like are from Armin Van Buuren, (older) Basshunter, and the song "Sea Tides" from Andy Bluesman. I'm not into dubstep at all unfortunately. I'm a bit of a dubstep hater ...actually just a strong disliker lol. Anyway, I like metal, some orchestra pieces, classic rock, and some modern rock.