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    I wanna join!

    But only if I get the pass thingy! XD
    *waits for pass*
    I got bored today, during my computer lit class, and began to wonder....who are you people!!??Then it hit're you!
    So if you're you, and I'm me, what happens to the people on Santa's knee? Which brings me to point number two, Santa Claus. For years this man has evaded my questioning, using the excuse of resting for the holidays, or
    preparing for X-Mas, but now I know the truth. Tne reason Santa Claus avoids
    my questioning lies in the one person who has complete control over him.....
    Who else could dominate Santa Claus like that!? Not many...not many *nods*
    In conclusion, the elephant in my brain dances like a monkey on a sugar
    high, while the squirrels eat the nuts they spent July gathering, the kitties go BOOM BOOM!!!, and all the little boys and girls of the world sleep a heavenly sleep...
    *light fades and shines on me*
    Thank you for joining me here on my daily insanity bit...
    Please, come again, as next time, we explore the truths behind the Easter Bunny...The Muffin Man, and Old McDonald.