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    A very long time ago i had a friend and we played Pokemon together and we agreed to battle with lvl 50-60 Pokemon, i had a Sharpedo as my first pokemon and he had a lvl 100 Dragonite, i was pissed, but i kept it to myself and continued, now as you all know, Attack, SP Attack and Speed is all what Sharpedo is about, i tought him Blizzard via TM, so i used it on his Dragonite, i went first due to Sharpedos good speed, i got a Critical Hit and One-Hit KOd his Dragonite, it felt sooo good.


    Whats your favourite Gen 3 PvP Moment?

    I wasnt sure whether to post this in the battles section or here...

    Also i apologize if theres a thread about this already, ill be honest i didnt search, i only looked at the first page of this forum.
    I am trying to get started on Pokemon videos, i need some feedback though, i might do commentaries in the future once i feel confident!
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