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Coming up with triangles is something quite easy to do... things would be a lot more interesting if you come up with just two Pokemon to begin your journey with, or five.

Rock Ice Ground doesn't seem like a good triangle to me, since the majority of rock and ground type Pokemon have similar appearances and movesets.

Anyways, here are some ideas:
Three Pokemon:
Fire > Steel > Rock
Poison > Grass > Ground
Ice > Ground > Fire

Two Pokemon:
Water/Ice <> Grass
Ground/Psychic <> Grass/Poison
Steel/Ground <> Fire/Fighting
Normal/Flying <> Grass/Ice

Something even more interesting would be a triangle like Houndoom <> Breloom <> Claydol.

In my game, the starters are Poliwag and Ralts. A bit weird, you might think, but I'm kinda fed up with the "Rival picks Pokemon which has the type advantage over yours" concept.
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