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    Hello there, Manska!

    I do hope you enjoy your stay here in PC and thank you for giving this a shot! The community is fun, and there are lots of things you can do.

    I do believe information for X and Y is a lot but is still pretty limited and a lot of things are still shrouded in mystery. That would be great for a blind run or a blind Nuzlocke. I am excited about it too but I think I am more excited for the trainer customizations than the new game mechanics. I'll get around it though xD. I presume you'll be getting Pokemon Y then? I'll be getting Pokemon X. There's still some hype and Nintendo knows how to build it up even more :v

    Fanfictions are cool too. I am fond of reading them but I suck at writing fanfiction.

    I hope you stick around for long! I am pretty "new" but not new. I did an account switch from my 4-year account here. I was more of a lurker then. I hope you find friends and enjoy your stay!
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