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Basically everybody | Bending Arena hallways

"... It sounds like someone might be inside." Julienne whispered, her gloved hand rested on the slightly-ajar door. "Do you think we should still go in? It's really dark, and if it's those stupid Equalists, they'll probably spring on us from the shadows."

"Well, it's not exactly like we can go back the way we came." Davian replied, sparing a glance back to the main platform while he metalbended his Omni-Orbs back to the balcony.

"Well... yeah, guess you're right." Julienne gently slid the door open a bit more, to where she could just barely see inside. pleasedon'tbeanequalistpleasedon'tbeanequalistplease

Inside of the dressing room on the other side of the door, three Equalist-looking types were lying scattered on the ground, clearly knocked out, and near the middle, Kalden was hunched over the unconcious Ryan, removing the gauntlet from Ryan's arm just in case. He lightly smacked Ryan's cheek to try and wake him up, brows furrowed in worry. "Come on Ryan, get up. You can't rest now, what if there's more Equalists around?"

"... Is he seriously trying to wake up those guards?" Julienne questioned, squinting hard. "He's gonna get himself killed if he does that. Do you think we should stop him?"

"Are you sure that's what it's about? He can't be that stupid..."

"... You're really overestimating some of the people you meet." Julienne shook her head. "Okay, well, I don't want him waking that loser up and getting us captured. I'm going in." Before Davian could stop Julienne, she kicked open the door and... threw her glove right at Kalden's head while she screamed, "Knock it off you moron! You're gonna get us captured!"

As the door behind him swung open, Kalden barely even registered the words being yelled at him as he dove off to the side, just barely avoiding the glove which came crashing on top of Ryan. Using the momentum, he pushed himself onto his hands, his lower body raising into the air; he proceeded to spin around, lashing out with a kick that sent a horizontal gust of air flying towards the doorway, in case any of the possible new assaulters had made their way inside.

Julienne screamed as the guy she had almost hit with her glove immediately jumped up and kicked a gust of wind at her, which caused her to get flung into the wall very roughly. "Ow ow ow ow ow, what the hell are you doing?! I'm not a bad guy, you idiot!"

Kalden pushed himself off of the floor with his hands, landing on the floor with one hand pushed further out than the other in a combat-ready stance. However, the girl's words caught him off-guard, leaving him blinking in surprise for a few moments. "... Why the hell did you scare me like that, then?! And you threw something at me too!"

"You were trying to wake up that gu -" Julienne froze, looking at the guy lying on the ground as he was slightly electrocuted by the glove. "... wait a minute. He's a... waterbender..." She looked back at Kalden, and then at the fallen guy, and Kalden again. "... Well that didn't give you a right to slam me into a freaking wall! Do you have any idea how much that hurt?! I just hit my head on a concrete wall because of you!"

"Well, what do you think someone should do if something gets thrown at them with no warning? What happened when someone got the drop on us?" Davian interjected, leaning with apparent disinterest against the doorway.

"Shut up Davian, this doesn't involve you!" Julienne snapped, before turning back to Kalden with an angry expression. "That seriously hurt! I could have busted my head open! Did you even think before you attacked?"

"Well... uh, sorry." Kalden replied, straightening out and relaxing again, placing one hand on his hip and the other behind his head, rubbing his neck while looking rather sheepish and apologetic. "I kinda just... thought we were under attack again. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Julienne huffed loudly. "Fine, whatever. I guess when my head stops throbbing I might forgive you. So what's the story with the unconscious one over there?"

"Well, we-" Kalden started, just as the previously unconcious Ryan stirred, letting out a loud, pained groan.

"That... was a pretty..." Ryan panted, groaning as he sat up. "SHOCKING HIGH-FIVE!" he exclaimed enthusiastically, grinning and jumping back up, as if nothing had ever happened. He looked around, scratching the back of his neck. "Hey Kal, I see you got a bunch of new -" He stopped smiling when he noticed Davian leaning against the doorway. "- friends."

"Friends is a very innacurate word." Julienne commented, still glaring at the Sweating Kalden.

Davian's left eyebrow twitched at the look Ryan gave him. Why did the little peace that was in this room just drain away... He took his weight off of the wall and rubbed his still-sore wrist a bit. "I hate to stamp the saplings of friendship before they can really grow... or whatever, but I'm pretty sure me and the damsel here just woke up all the guards in the arena a minute ago."

"Why are you calling me a damsel?" Julienne complained. "I saved you three times."

"It just means a young, unmarried woman..." Davian explained.

Ryan quickly dusted his shirt off angrily and stomped towards the metalbender. "Okay listen, big-mouth. I don't want you muttering a single hell of a word from now on. The sound of your voice makes me seasick. The look of yer rotten, filth-covered face makes the rum in my hull go bad. Your very smell is stench to the dirtiest sailors in the country. So after this little ordeal is done with, me and you are gonna have a little talk about how you treat ladies. More specifically my lady. You dig, or do I have to punch it in?"

He was now in Davian's face, holding him by the collar, threateningly raising a fist to his face.

Davian kept his expression of apathy while the freshly-awoken Waterbender stomped up to him and began flinging insults and threats in his face. At first he just listened but the moment the punk grabbed his collar he backhanded the guy's arm away from him. "I don't know what your problem is, but I've had enough of pointless fighting for today. And also: Don't. Touch. Me."

"Whoa whoa whoa, you guys." Julienne immediately went into mediator mode once she noticed that things were about to get physical. "You guys really shouldn't -"

"Shut it, lady. Just because you know Angelique doesn't mean -" Ryan snapped back at Julienne. Oh, wait. She's her best friend; how could I be so - Ryan paused, and then sighed. "Sorry. Just a disagreement. We'll talk about it later."

Kalden glanced back and forth between the three and as the argument began to escalate rapidly. However, things seemed to cool off as Ryan backed down. Taking a deep breath, he rubbed the side of his neck and stepped closer, raising his hands in a sort of 'let's all calm down now' gesture. "... Right, now that that happened... we should probably find somewhere to hide now that every guard in the arena is out looking for us. And from what the lady and the guy here said, they're probably on their way here now. So, uh... who's up for getting out of this room and find a better place to hide out for the time being?"

"Yeah, I like that idea." Julienne agreed. "How about we all leave the training rooms, with Unconscious Guy in the back of the group and Davian in the front? We might make it out without them trying to kill each other."

"Sounds like a plan to me. As long as we reach Angelique." Ryan agreed.

"Apparently nobody was listening when I said I don't want to fight, but whatever. As long as it helps us move. Once Julienne and Angelique are reunited, I can look for the Avatar." Davian shrugged, refusing to get worked up.

Kalden blinked in surprise at the supposed metalbender's comment, clearing his throat quietly. "Yeah, uh, about that... actually, I'll tell you when we're somewhere safe." He stepped over to the door leading out into the hallway, which he opened and peeked out of. "Right, so... I figure we should try to get to one of the smaller storage rooms. I doubt there's anyone in there, and if there are, we can probably take them out. It's down this hall to the right, then a left, and it's the third door on our -."

"Kalden, why don't you just lead us there instead, since you know where it is?" Julienne interrupted. "Seems a lot easier than having us memorize it for no reason."

"... Good point. It's just that your plan with those two sounded good and I didn't want to go against it, heh." He gave a little grin and shrugged his shoulders before putting on his serious face again.

"... Right, yeah. Davian, how about you go on ahead then? I'll stay at the back with this one." She suggested.

"Sure, just try not to castrate him if he pisses you off." Davian said as he moved closer to the doorway. He was as worried that she would get in a fight with Ryan as they were about him, what with how much he and she had argued earlier.

As Davian and Kalden both departed from the doorway, Julienne turned around to face Ryan to give him an angry glare. "Listen. If you ever tell me to shut up again, I will strangle you. And if you think you of all people have a chance with Angelique, you are sadly mistaken. I can guarantee that there is no possibility of you getting with her, ever. If anything, you should just keep quiet and stop causing so much trouble. Let's go."

She turned back around, satisfied with her sass, and walked off down the hall.

Ryan sighed and shook his head, looking at Julienne as she stormed away. Angelique seriously needs to improve her social skills. If the only person she can get along with is THIS girl, of all others, I'm surprised. He looked around for his glove, in the hopes that it hadn't been short-circuited. He found it a few feet away, slightly scorched but apprently still in a wearable state. He quickly picked it up and ran off towards the others.

While he followed Kalden through the hall towards wherever he was taking them, Davian couldn't help being curious about the whole scene in the locker room. "It figures that after all I've been through today, somebody would still be after me for one reason or another." He muttered only loud enough for Kalden to hear.

"Heh, sounds like you've had a pretty rough day. Though honestly, I bet pretty much everybody here's had that." He replied quietly to the guy behind him, carefully peering around the corner before scurrying around it, making sure there weren't any guards or thugs nearby, before looking over his shoulder, ensuring everybody was still with him.

"Alright, it's not far now, just a l-" The sound of trampling footsteps cut him off, coming from somewhere in front of them down the curved hall. His eyes widened as he looked around the hallway, spotting a door just to their left. He ran over to it and pulled it open, revealing a not-too-big janitor's closet, full of buckets, old rags and the usual cleaning supplies. "In here, quick!" He whispered to the others.

As Julienne came around the corner with Ryan close behind, she noticed that Kalden and Davian were jumping into a closet. "Guys, what are you... oh ****, there are people coming." Much like she said, two guards came running around the corner, stopping when they noticed the two of them. "Oh great... Pirate Dude, gimme your glove thing."

Ryan spun around. He saw the two guards coming, and Kalden and the Metalbender jumping into the storage closet. He quickly tossed the electric glove to Julienne before charging shoulderfirst into one of the guards, knocking him onto the ground before he could take out his electric weapon.

The second guard took the opportunity to dart past Ryan as he crashed into his partner towards Julienne, who was completely unprepared for the attack. The guy crashed into her, pushing her into the ground and attempting to grab her with the glove. She swung her hands and kicked her legs wildly, trying to hit the guy anywhere she could. The guard eventually grabbed her by the ankle and delivered a shock to her, making her scream in pain. She fell limp as he let go of her before he turned back to face Ryan.

Only a few seconds after he closed the closet door behind him Davian heard shouting and scuffling. "They didn't make it! We've gotta help 'em!" He whispered before reaching for the handle of the door.

Kalden managed to grab Davian's wrist before he grabbed the handle, whispering out a, "Hold on! You can't just go barging out there!" He gave the guy cramped into the tiny closet a little look before letting go of his wrist, taking a hold of the handle himself, pushing the door open just a crack, peering out at the scene playing out. He winced and murmured back to Davian; "... There's not alot we can do right now. We're not going to abandon them. Let's follow, and see where they're taking them."

Davian paused when Kalden stopped him and explained his preferred course of action. He had seen first hand that some of these jerks knew what they were doing in a fight, and if they were outnumbered it wouldn't be a good idea for him to jump in. Besides, maybe if we follow them well enough they'll get taken somewhere we could find more allies... He sighed. "I suppose it's the best option we've got right now."

Ryan swiftly stood back up and glanced back as he heard Julienne getting shocked behind him. Well, here goes nothing. Noticing a small stick attached to the belt of the guard he had just taken down, Ryan ducked as the second one threw a punch at him. He quickly snatched the stick and jumped back, holding the weapon like a sword. He noticed a small button at the bottom, and pressed it. The stick started glowing dark blue, as well as slightly buzzing and emitting small shocks of electricity. He took a step forward, and saw that the guard was backing away from him. Taking this as an opportunity, he ran forward and slammed the stick on the side of the guard's head, swinging it like a baseball bat. The impact was so strong it had slightly bent the stick, making it useless.

"Shouldn't have broken that!" The other guard, who was supposed to be knocked out, came from behind Ryan and put him in a chokehold, trying to knock him out. Ryan struggled roughly, trying to pry the guy's arms off, but sadly he was a lot weaker and couldn't get him off. Eventually, Ryan felt himself losing conscious, and his struggles died down before he finally passed out and the guard dropped him onto the ground in front of Julienne.

Davian had nudged Kalden out of his way a bit and was leaning against the door, listening carefully to the outer procedings. There was clearly a struggle but it wasn't all that long before it was over. Afterwards, he waited until the sounds of dragging were no longer audible to push the door open and inch out. "Alright, they're going further down that other hall. We have keep up without being noticed."

"Down that way? Hmh..." Kalden replied, looking both curious and rather worried for the two that were just dragged off, his brows furrowed as he finally gave a little nod. "Alright then, let's go save them." Kalden wasn't quite happy with going to where the thugs were keeping their hostages, considering he simply might get captured again, which wasn't something he was looking forward to. This time though, he was ready for them, and if they played it cleverly... they might just pull through without more than a few scratches.

He placed his palm against the door and slowly pushed it open, inching his way out of it and waiting for Davian to do the same, listening intently for the guards walking off, down the hallway. He glanced back at Davian, looking over the guy. If anything, he was happy to have someone watching his back, so he gave the boy a smile, reaching back to give Davian's shoulder a pat. "Don't worry; we'll save them, or my name isn't Kalden. I promise you that."

Davian wasted no time exiting the stuffy storage closet after Kalden. They had to help them. Whatever the watertard's problem was, Julienne deserved his assistance. He wanted to shove Kalden out of the way and run after them, but it was likely the Airbender was lighter on his feet than Davian and probably knew the stadium better.

Before they could go any further, however, a figure dropped down in front of them, landing only a few meters away. It was clear that this man was different from the Equalists who had attacked them not too long ago; he wore a concealing black robe and a face-concealing hood. The man lifted his hood just enough for the pair to see the bald, tattoed head underneath. The motion caused his long sleeves to shuffle down enough to reveal that his hands and arms bore the same markings. He opened his mouth and spoke, but the words that came out were sparce and barely audible. "Xiu is here, Angelique was caught in her place."

Davian formed his quarterstaff the moment the mysterious person made their entrance, taking a defensive stance. He kept on guard but visibly relaxed when the man showed them the distinctive arrow markings of an Airbender. Xiu... Xiu... oh! "That's the Avatar's name, right? We could definitely use the help... is there any chance either of them were brought to the same place our friends are going to?"

As soon as the figure had dropped down in front of them, Kalden had gone into a defensive position as well. However, he quickly put down his guard again as the man revealed his identity, Kalden's eyes widening. "... Uncle Thok! So Xiu -is- here!" He folded an arm across his chest, raising his other hand to rub his chin, putting on a thoughtful expression. "So this Angelique was caught instead of Xiu? They probably brought her to the boss' place... but from what I'm guessing, is that Ryan, Xiu and... uhm, angry-girl are most likely being brought to where the rest of the hostages are, which is down this hallway. The only place big enough for that is the big gym."

Taking a moment to let this sink in with the other two, he turned to Thokmay, now more than confident enough that they'd be able to save the others, as he put on a bright grin, glancing over to Davian afterwards. "Shall we go save the Avatar and our friends?"

With a plan finally decided upon Davian couldn't help feeling the thrill of oncoming battle fill his mind. He clenched his fists and his staff melted and the liquid metal moved down his arms and covered his hands, forming into a pair of large guantlets with heavy-bolted knuckles. He smirked back at Kalden and thumped the gauntlets together. "Let's."

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