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Chapter 13
“So what happened?”

“Oh, well, I remember Lithe and Risa arguing about the circle. I'm not sure what exactly they're arguing about, but I heard bits of it, about raising a family, having some kids, and uh...”

Fay fell quiet as the five of us walked towards the direction of the city. We can't really see the city from our small points of views here inside the forest. We're only trusting Shock's instinct here, who is currently leading the party. He's an electric type, and he told me that electric types are always drawn to places with rich sources of electricity.

That sounded mighty a Pokémon-logic kind of sense, that is. There aren't really any electrical creatures back on earth...or are there?

“If Lithe and Rosa—”

“Risa,” Fay corrected her.

“Whatever,” Vixie shook her head. “If those two starts a family, then I'm glad I'm out of there. Those two have the thinnest line of patience, and to see them with kids...” she shivered at the thought.

They chuckled. I wanted to point out that they're going back there soon, but...

As usual, I was at the end of their little group. Somehow, despite the fact that they're afraid to be caught, they wanted to come with me to the city. Or escort me to the city.

It's almost sunset, or maybe the sun's already setting, if the golden orange sky's any indication. I still can't believe I slept all morning though.

There were other kinds of Pokémon that we've ran into. Aside from the normal flying types above the tree branches, there were also some Oddishes, Caterpies, and other Pokémon doing their usual stuff.

...we even ignored a little scene where a group of Spinarak were feasting on an unfortunate Venonat.

Vixie and Fay continued their little girl gossip. Sheesh, even in this world, girls are still gossiping about something. Saur was just happy to listen to them and answer when asked. Shock is busy leading the way, while still listening to their conversation. I, on the other hand, had no choice but to listen, since there's nothing more for me to do.

Soon though, faint noises of cars and other human civilization noises started to pierce through my ears. I saw Shock's ears twitched, and his tail shivered. Yeah, we're getting closer now.

I quicken my pace until I was walking beside the Pikachu.

“So,” I began, eyeing him in the corner of my eyes, “uhm... I guess this is where we split ways?”

“I guess so,” he whispered his reply. “Can't I talk you out of this though? I still think it's stupid to go there...”

“I need to go there...” I whispered back as I held a sigh.

I haven't really told them my reason of going there...yet...nor about the fact that I'm...that I used to be a human.

Soon, we reached the edge of the line of trees, the edge of this forest, and beyond our eyes was now a grassfield of a few meters before concrete roads, walls and fences replaced the natural ground. And beyond those are buildings, streets, posts, a few trees, vehicles, and of course, humans. Lots and lots of humans.

“Wow...” Shock said. “This is even bigger than the other human settlement near the pond.”

“Azalea Town?” I asked him.

The others turned to me.

“For being an uncaptured Pokémon,” Vixie said, “you sure know a lot about the humans.”

I just shrugged a reply. We then noticed that a few humans were having a picnic in the grasslands. There were only a few of them though, but it looks like it'll be impossible to go to the city without any of them noticing me.

Children were playing around with other children or with Pokémon, and grown-ups are either keeping an eye on their kids, or were enjoying each others presence.

While Fay and the others were talking to each other of what they think of the humans, my eyes fell on a rather lonesome picnicker. She was the only one who is on the edge of the forest. She sat on her picnic blanket, her back leaned on the base of a tree, and her sad eyes stared at the peaceful rolling clouds.

She has pink hair, she wore a white and pink shirt, and blue mini skirt. Blue and black socks, and black shoes.

Of course, she's none other than Whitney, and she's looking sad. She probably lost to another trainer for her badge yet again.

I hate seeing sad people though. I have a soft heart for sad people back home. I guess I must have carried that same soft heart here, which is kinda lame. How on earth can I ask what's bothering her if she won't even be able to understand me?

But I felt like I needed to try though. Consider it a give and take opportunity, wherein I can satisfy my soft heart of helping her out, she lightens up and brightens up after talking about it, and who knows, maybe I can get an added bonus of her helping me out...or me ending up being caught by her.

...that last line of thought made me reconsider the idea of talking to her...

I still don't want to be captured, although I'm a bit sure that I'll end up being caught one day. If I do, then being caught by a gym leader would be a bit cool, and suck at the same time. I mean, if she catches me, does that mean I'll be spending the rest of my life here, bound by her gym's rules of staying a normal type forever and battle every single challengers?

Yeah, no. I don't want that. But I'm kinda curious if she still has that Nidoran though...

“Ahem...” Shock snapped me back and earned my attention. “So uh, this is goodbye then?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, while ignoring the weird feeling of my drooping ears, “I-I guess it is. Thanks? For everything, I guess.” I smiled, I tried. kinda sad to say goodbye to these four though... Even though I don't know them that well, it felt like I knew them since forever. Saying goodbye to them, strangely hurts, and I almost wanted to forget my quest and stay with them.

Unfortunately, I don't plan to stay as an Eevee forever. Not to mention that I don't want to stay in this universe forever. I need to get home, and the sooner, the better.

Seeing their sad faces hurts me. My heart ached, and I just...wished that they'll just walk away already...

“At least tell us your name before we go, Eevee.” Vixie said, trying to smile, but failing.

I blinked at that though. I never said my name? Wow, how impolite of me!

“Ah, yeah... My name's Jay, by the way...”

“Jay, huh?” Saur said. “Weird name for an Eevee.”

Strange that this Bulbasaur knows a lot though...

“I was expecting Eon or Leon or Neil, but eh...”

I arched an eyebrow. “Why?”

Shock just smiled and shook his head. “He was from a human daycare orphanage whatever before we found him wandering in the forest.”

Huh, really? I got a sudden strange feeling of wanting to learn more about these guys, but...

“Well, since you're right about the city not made out of cheese, I guess we should go back now!” Fay said cheerfully, although there were clear mixtures of hurt as well. I dunno if she's hurt that I'm leaving, or that the city's not made of cheese.

After they said their goodbyes for one last time, I watched them walk back further in the forest. Seeing them leaving was...painful to watch.

I took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly.

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