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    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    follow the rules
    Screw the rules!

    I have cybernetics!

    ^ Yeah, I really hope that doesn't happen. I mean, I don't like rules myself, but the robots going against us? Pretty bad. That's why we need to have more empathy in society. If we treat AI robots with hate, they'll hate us. If we treat them with love, they'll love us. Etc.

    I'd, personally, like to live alongside AI robots, even just as friends. As long as we fit roles they can't or won't, such as emotional ethics, wisdom, RAW creativity, etc., and they fit roles such as history, martial arts compilation (as in, bringing them all together), and any other kind of intelligence-based things, then we'll be able to work together.

    You also have the whole cyber-culture thing. If we directly interface with the net and are able to artificially give ourselves their level of comprehension while in those sessions, we'd basically act as the same race in those worlds. It's a possibility and I'm lovin' it.

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