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Has there been a moment in any game you've played that made you feel so much. That you had the real-life emotion to do everything in your power to wreak havoc on the antagonist?

For example, say the bad guy killed one of your favorite characters and as the main character you were hell bent on revenge.

For me, when I was playing Fable III and I had to make the choice to have the protesters killed or my young lady friend, by the end of that cutscene I had said to myself. If given an option to spare Logan's life, I would not hesitate to drive my sword into his chest. No mercy.

It's just another thing that games employ to players to make them feel what the main character feels and that's not something every game can convey.

So what do you think. Was there someone in a game that wronged you and you made the decision right there of his or her fate?
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