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    So, at midnight (GMT) last night, I was planning on releasing v1.2... But the pokecommunity website was down haha... Guess it weren't meant to be.

    Soooo... I'm taking the rest of this week to add a few more things and possibly add something I wasn't going to add, until around v1.5, because of it's instability and incompleteness... But it seems I've finished it and added extra things to it, I just need to test it, make sure it works enough for the next version with no errors, and I will include it, if I find errors that I can't fix quickly enough (which I doubt will be the case ;) ), I won't add it.

    V1.2 mainly aims at bug fixes and visual addons, character graphics most notably, thanks to Saving Raven for their design.

    This version will also feature a new item, Training With Nici, it's an item that gifts 1 Pokémon with experience points, be the first to see it in action, be the first to see something like this in the world of Pokémon.

    This version also allows you to have more control over the newer features, by giving you the option to turn them on and off... By having these features on, you are entitled to more bonuses... But it's your choice nonetheless. (some features I haven't added to the controls in this version yet, since I need to know bugs, so I won't allow you to turn them off... Yet.)

    Will probably be Sunday morning before 11:59am (GMT) or Sunday night before 23:59pm... If not, Monday haha... But you can expect it in the coming days.

    Future Releases
    Within the next few releases, you will hopefully see all new player outfits that are purchasable in an all new Clothes Store... These outfits grant you access to areas you may not have been able to reach wearing other outfits and may even give you extra bonuses for your Pokémon.

    Keep posting those bugs and comment! Comment! Comment!

    The Original Post will get updated when the new version comes out.
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