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Chapter 16
I'm never getting a decent rest, aren't I? I know where the station is. Heck, I passed by that place twice or thrice during my search! As I pant and ran through the chilly night rain, I mentally cursed at fate for laughing at how much of a joke I am at the moment.

I no longer care for traffic lights. Heck, why should I? With the rain and the current time, I doubt there's anyone else awake at this hour. Well, Bill is, and a few people, but whatever.

The train station was far ahead now. I could actually see the reflected lights from the large glass doors of that huge building.

But suddenly, I heard a very piercing whistle noise form behind. I slightly took a glance, and saw two humans running after me, with a Growlithe and a Houndour in front of them.

“Pokémon Control!” Growlithe shouted.

“Stop or we'll be forced to stop you!” Houndour growled.

Oh, for f*ck's sake, I seriously got no time for this! I continued running through the streets, heading straight to the train station. There was a large digital clock on top of the building, lighted just right for everyone to see the time.

Ten minutes before midnight...

I was running towards another road when a slow-moving truck suddenly appeared from the corner of the building. But I didn't stop. Normally, I would, but I'm an Eevee at the moment, and I am small enough to run through under the moving truck.

I glanced back, and the two humans were no longer on my tail, but their Pokémon are, and they're angrier than ever. Well, one of them, at least...

The Houndour was getting pretty annoyed though. One factor is probably the rain. But the cold rain wasn't enough to stop him from breathing out fire aimed at me. It was fast, and I barely managed to steer myself out of the way before it hits me. The fiery wave heated my side as the inferno passed by, and erupted into a wall of fire a few feet in front of me.

But I didn't stop. I ran through it, and barely felt anything.

“I'm asking you stop, right now!”

I almost stumbled on my paws when that voice spoke directly from my other side. I turned and saw the Growlithe glaring at me.


“Agility,” he said. “Now, stop or I'll force you to!”

I gritted my teeth. I can't stop, yet I can't lose them as well! I don't know any moves, but Sand Attack! Or a headbutt, or tackl—!?

I suddenly lost the feeling on my left paw, and I ended up stumbling and rolling until I sled to a stop on a bakery's sign post. The Growlithe skidded to a stop as I forced my tired body to get back up, but I suddenly lost all air in my lungs when I felt a powerful force pinning me down on the ground.

“You're lucky I'm not allowed to eat you, pup!” the Houndour growled close to my ear. “But try anything funny, and I swear, you'll never see daylight again!”

“Grindark!” Growlithe hissed. “Don't scare the poor champ!”

The Houndour growled at him. “Like you weren't scaring him earlier, Vic!”

“I wasn't.”

“Good job, you two!” a new voice said, panting for breath.

Those must be their human partners... D-darn...

“Looks like your Houndour is scaring another one again...” another one sighed.

“Shut up. Houndour needs to be intimidating in this job!”

“You two need to lighten up! Look! The poor thing's crying, and it has a collar! Who knows what kinds of trauma you two are causing him.”

...I'm crying? I...I guess I am... I must not have realized, seeing that I'm suddenly way too tired to even bother with the rain soaking me...

“So?” the human asked as the weight that was pinning me down was gone.

“So, if this Eevee's owner asks us what's wrong with it, you better be ready for an explanation.”

“It's them that should prepare an explanation for leaving their Pokémon running around in the city!”

“Are you lost?” Vic asked, walking towards me.

“W-when...” I whispered. “...train...depart...?”

I weakly stared at Vic's reflection on the wet cemented street as he turned towards the direction of the train station.

“Uh... Six minutes... Is your trainer there?”

“Bill...” I whispered as my sight was slowly becoming dark.

“Huh?” Vic asked. “What was that?”

I was too weak to respond, and I was slowly losing my consciousness...

“The pup said—”

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