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    Update #2:

    I struggled through Union Cave where I lost George the Gastly to a Hiker's Onix. A freak Crit Hit Rock Throw was a OHKO. When I got to Azalea Town, I trained in the grass of Route 33. I did catch a cool Spearow that I named Ivan, but I lost Beatrix the Hoothoot to a Rattata (Another Crit Hit came out of nowhere!) I ventured into Slowpoke Well where I caught a Zubat named Jane, and I explored Ilex Forest where I caught a Caterpie that I named Katherine. I defeated Team Rocket in Slowpoke Well and after some more training, I got my second badge!!

    My PRECIOUS George, Lv 11 Gastly
    Beatrix, Lv 9 Hoothoot

    Current Team

    Arthur, ♂ Lv 16 Quilava
    Quick Attack, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember

    Edmund, ♂ Lv 15 Geodude
    Magnitude, Defense Curl, Rock Throw, Rock Polish

    Ivan, ♂ Lv 15 Spearow
    Peck, Pursuit, Leer, Fury Attack

    Katherine, F Lv 14 Butterfree
    Confusion, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder

    Lareina, F Lv 6 Togepi
    Growl, Charm, Extrasensory, Metronome

    Henry, ♂ Lv 6 Sandshrew
    Scratch, Defense Curl, Rock Smash
    Current Challenges:
    Nuzlocke Run: HeartGold
    Tri Species Challenge: Pearl (Skuntank, Lumineon, Bronzong)
    Completed Challenges:

    Solo Run: Dewgong (Blue), Dodrio (Blue), Kangaskhan (Silver),
    Nuzlocke Challenges: Red, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire